Roscoe hosts Wind Festival

The Roscoe Volunteer Fire Department made a correction to one of the awards at the cook-off. The Second Place Steak box number was read out incorrectly by a cook-off official and no team responded at the time of the awards with that number. The committee reviewed the numbers on the box and found that it was their mistake and not a cooking team. The winning cooking team was then awarded their prize. Find more photos from the Wind Festival on page 5 in Monday's paper. Other cook-off winners were as follows:Steak:1. Backyard Grillers 2. GDC3. Two Peas in Pod 4. Bar B-Que5. Up in Smoke 6. BB 7. 3 Fat men and a smoker8. Plum Creek Cookers 9. Regulators10. Stan the ManRibs:1 Regulators 2. Plum Creek Cookers3. Son of a Dink4. Two Peas in a Pod 5. B S Bar B-que6. Bar B-que Brew Crew7. Tha Jones 8. Bad Boys Bar-que9. Keep up with JonesChicken 1. Butt Crack Bar-que2. Hot Rod Grillers3. Over the Hill4. Son of a Dink5. Tha Jones6. GDQ7. Unclaimed8. Gannin Hill Gang9. BS Bar B-que10. Up in smoke