RPMH board approves 2014 tax rate, budget

The Nolan County Hospital District (NCHD) board of directors held two meetings on Monday night at Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital (RPMH).The first meeting, briefly held prior to the board's regular monthly meeting, resulted in the approval of the 2014 tax rate and operating budget for the new fiscal year. Two special-called meetings were held to give the public a chance to speak on the issues on September 10 and 13. The minutes for those meetings, along with the minutes from last month's regular meeting, were all approved during the regular meeting for the month.In new business, the corporate resolution for authorization signature was approved, which changed the signatory on a philanthropic gift to the current administrator. Approval was also given to the August 2013 financial statements, as well as the accounts payable and payroll from August 2013 and the bad debt write-off list for August 2013. Following a short executive session, the board additionally approved the credentialing files. Also during the meeting, hospital administrator Donna Boatright gave a brief report in that the position of Special Project Director will be filled by Justin Tomlin. His duties at the hospital will begin on Monday, October 21.