RPMH board members sworn in

Two board members were sworn into office at Tuesday night's meeting of the Nolan County Hospital District, held at Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital.Cheyenne Smith and Vickie May will continue their service on the board for Districts 3 and 5, respectively. They were both unopposed for their respective position on the board.The election of board officers was approved during the meeting as well, with Steve Holcomb remaining in the role as board chairman. Kirby Andrews will serve as vice-chairman, with Carla Howard as secretary.In addition, the appointment of board committee members was also approved. The finance committee will consist of board members Smith, Jose Villafranca and Andrews as committee chair.The joint conference committee will include Linda Kite as chair, May and the District 1 board member, who has yet to be selected. The board is hoping to add more names to the list of potential candidates to serve in this capacity.Also during the meeting, the April 2014 financial statement was reviewed and approved, along with the accounts payable and payroll for the past month and the bad debt write-off list for April 2014. And following a brief executive session, the credentialing files, quality report and fourth quarter 2014 quality report were all approved.Furthermore, the minutes from the previous meeting and special-called meetings held on May 9 and May 14 were all approved. However, one item was tabled at the meeting--the purchase of 4 EKG modules for the Phillips Monitoring Systems for the emergency room.