RPMH continues physician recruiting

The 2013 Human Resources (HR) report was presented at the Nolan County Hospital District's board of directors' meeting, which was held on Monday evening at Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital (RPMH).Ame Monroe, the new HR director, gave an overview of the report to the board, in which she stated that a new evaluation tool is being used. Overall, totals and results were comparable to last year's report. The HR report also included a report on turnover rates, which accounts for any and all causes in employment changes. Several departments had employees retire over the past year, which was reflected in the report.In addition, the hospital has 16 volunteers who have donated almost 4,500 hours of service. RPMH will observe National Volunteer Week, which will take place April 6-12, 2014.The HR report was one part of the Administrator's report given by Donna Boatright. The RFQ (request for qualifications) responses for the Phase 4 construction have been received by McKinstry, in which the board will have a special-called meeting this Friday to open and consider the responses.Also in the report, the hospital will be conducting their annual audit with a new company. And last week, a citizen focus group meeting was held to learn about the OB department.The meeting proved to be helpful in order to learn about patient experiences as well as to hear suggestions. RPMH plans on having a citizen focus group regarding the ICU in the near future.Furthermore, the hospital is continuing the process of physician recruiting. As part of his medical staff report, Dr. Tim Jones shared that they are excited about the two new doctors that will be joining the hospital this summer.Also during the meeting, several action items were presented and approved, such as the minutes from the previous meeting and the special-called meeting held on February 6. The compliance plan was also approved, which was briefly reviewed by Justin Tomlin, the director of safety and special projects.Only a few grammatical changes were noted in the plan--which is reviewed annually, along with some additions and rewording. The administrator's contract was approved as well, as discussion on the matter was held at last month's meetings.Additionally, several finance items were approved by the board, such as the January 2014 financial statements, which were briefly reviewed at the meeting. Approval was also given toward the accounts payable and payroll for January 2014, along with the bad debt write-off list for the past month.