RPMH is helping diabetics navigate the holidays

The holiday season is a busy time for many of us with work, parties and other activities that keep us on-the-go. With limited time to focus on health and wellness, many Americans tend to slack on their diets. Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital (RPMH) hopes to help diabetics manage their disease during the holidays with a free Lunch and Learn Seminar on Wednesday, Dec. 11.“We understand that managing diabetes can be a challenge in November and December because of our hectic schedules and with the abundance of sugary treats around us,” said Brenda Hollis, dietary director at RPMH and guest presenter at this month’s seminar. “The key for those with diabetes is to make time for sufficient exercise and to make better decisions when it comes to making and eating your favorite holiday treats.”Hollis explained that food is just one of the ways diabetics can manage their disease and knowing how to make healthier treats doesn’t mean that taste has to be sacrificed.One-in-10 of adults in the nation are affected by diabetes, and millions are currently living with the disease without even knowing it. If not managed properly, diabetes can have a serious impact on one’s health and could also lead to death.While diabetes is not curable, most symptoms can be controlled through an appropriate balance of exercise and a healthy diet. Before beginning any new diet or exercise program, you are encouraged to talk with your family physician.The Lunch and Learn seminar on managing diabetes during the holidays will take place on Wednesday, Dec. 11, at the RPMH Emergency Department classroom from noon until 1 p.m. The event is free to attend, but interested individuals must register before Dec. 10, by calling 325-235-1701 ext. 221.Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital is a community-focused healthcare provider serving residents in Nolan County, Texas. Founded in 1976, Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital offers a wealth of medical services including: 24 hour emergency care, advanced radiology services including CT scanning and MRIs, outpatient lab, physical therapy, surgical services, swing bed services, patient education, home health and assistive services, and more. For additional information, please visit www.rpmh.net.