SEED: 11 oil companies have entered Nolan County

Toward the conclusion of the meeting of SEED's (Sweetwater Enterprise for Economic Development) board of directors, an executive session was held to discuss various matters. Following the closed meeting, the agenda listed for the board to "review and consider approving a resolution from the City of Sweetwater requesting SEED's assistance in funding improvements to a portion of their water/sewer lines." However, while a motion was made on the matter, a second failed to be offered, thus killing the motion.Other action items presented at the meeting were the minutes of the February meeting, the payment of accounts payable and the January 2013 financial statements, all of which were approved.Ken Becker, the Executive Director of SEED, reviewed the statements prior to its approval, in which sales tax numbers fared well by comparison of previous years, excluding the drastic increase seen in last year's numbers. Becker later shared in his Executive Director's update that he has attended several events recently, one of which was the Eagleford Shale meeting in San Antonio. After attending the event, Becker stated that he feels like Sweetwater is prepared for the incoming oil activity due in part to the size of the city, compared to other small cities who have faced challenges during oil booms.Also discussed at the meeting was a water study, which cited that supply of available water with and without oil and gas activity. For both, the supply is practically the same, at 49 and 50 years, respectively.Becker recently attended a Texas Economic Development Council meeting, in which he current serves on the board. He took part in a Site Selector Guild meeting as well, in which involvement with this group helps to keep Sweetwater at the forefront while making continued contacts, even as the oil activity develops.In addition, the three companies taking residence in the Sweetwater Business Park will beginning construction efforts in the next few weeks. In the past year, eleven oil companies have entered Nolan County.