SEED to join in workforce project

The Sweetwater Enter-prise for Economic Devel-opment (SEED) Board of Directors met for their regular meeting on Monday morning, June 13, 2011 at the Sweetwater Chamber of Commerce.Action items approved at the meeting were the minutes from the May meeting and the payment of accounts payable. The financial statements from April 2011 were approved as well, with reports of various payments and projects in good standing.Also approved was the bid package for road construction on the 88 acre industrial site. This preliminary package only notes progress on the 750 foot road, as lighting will be addressed at a later date.In addition, the 88 acre industrial site's expense report was also reviewed. The numbers listed in the report exclude electrical costs and following projects on the road, lighting and marketing, a ribbon cutting is tentatively projected for sometime this fall.The process itself was only approved, in which the board will come back later to evaluate bids on the road project. In the meantime, the board will begin to examine the light and sign process, in which some discussion was held by the board on the overall matter.During the meeting, a preliminary budget information was presented and approved. While slight changes were noted, a majority of the figures do not change for the next year, with the final budget to be potentially presented at next month's meeting. In the update presented by Asst. Marketing/Admin. Director Kirstin Smith, a recap on the AWEA conference held in Anaheim, CA was given. Better traffic was reported for this year for SEED, yet while attendance was lower, a quality and core gathering was seen. Contacts which were made at AWEA are being followed up and positive meeting results were boasted. Now armed with a schedule of events, marketing opportunities for SEED can be made and information sent while saving money and even travel time should SEED representatives not be in attendance.Ken Becker, in his Executive Director's monthly report, discussed with the board an opportunity with an entity similar to SEED in the Texas Panhandle. The joint venture may possibly result in a trip to Denmark for a company to invest in items which can be offered through the collaboration: land, manufacturing and renewable energy.SEED is also joining a project with the Abilene Workforce Solutions toward an entrepreneurial grant. Programs already in place will assist the effort, in which SEED hopes to host training seminars in Sweetwater.The board collectively discussed the Anaheim AWEA conference, praising Becker for his relationship building skills which have resulted in bringing business to Sweetwater through interaction with the communities as well as countries represented. Next year's AWEA conference is slated for location in Atlanta, GA.