SHS student chosen by two talent agencies

In July of this year, Abilene radio station Power 103 announced that ProScout, a talent scouting company, would be visiting Abilene looking for models, actors and good talent. Company reps go from state to state looking for talent. Sara Salas, 14, of Sweetwater, is one of the lucky few to be picked. Sara stands at 5'5" and numerous people kept asking her parents "Why don't you put her in modeling? She's so tall!" Her parents, Chris and Elva Salas, decided to take Sara to an interview. "What the heck, why not?" Elva said. The day of Sara's interview, there were about 50 to 60 other people. ProScout reps explained who they were and what they did, and were only going to choose people who they thought had "the look." Reps chose only about 25 to 30 people and Sara was one of their very first picks.After the initial interview, Sara and her parents had to wait until the end of October to attend the ProScout Event in Dallas at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. It was a weekend event with thousands of people in attendance. To get Sara even that far cost Chris and Elva $850. Forty-five different modeling and acting agencies were at the event. The first day, Sara and the others were shown how to walk the runway. She was also required to learn a monologue from a movie to show her acting talents to the different acting agencies. On the second day, agencies announced the tag numbers of those hopefuls they thought had what they were looking for. Less than half of the over 1,000 people were chosen. Sara's tag number was called by two agents - Victor's International Model & Talent Management out of New Orleans, LA and MC Talent Management out of Hollywood, CA.On Nov. 18, Chris and Elva took Sara back to Dallas for her photo shoot with Victor's International, which cost $375. They are now anxiously awaiting for her Comp Card (Business Cards) to be printed so Sara can hopefully start working. "I'm not going to lie - the expense to do all this has been huge. But thanks to our friends, family and local businesses, we have been able to get her this far. So please let me take the time to thank everyone: Danish and Sammy, owners of Sweetwater Sports Bar (Stay Express sports bar) and staff; Ronny Kinsey from Napa was a great help; and also a friend, Mica Parker, was so much help," said Elva.