Speed limit lowered on Southern Heights

The Nolan County Commissioners approved for a change to be made on Southern Heights Road during their regular meeting on Monday morning, June 11, 2012, held at the Nolan County Courthouse.Robert Smith, a resident on the road, spoke to the commissioners about an ongoing problem which has been tolerated for at least the past 20 years. He said that he has seen several cars go airborne on the road, with other vehicles going through fences and even into a ditch. When drivers slow down on the dead-end road, the road gets torn up as a result, leading to continual repairs of the street. Several recent incidents, however, prompted for the issue to be addressed.Smith noted that in the past two weeks, a couple of wrecks have taken place in which his family has been affected--including one where a speeding driver hit his family dog. The pet was thrown into a pasture and due to his injuries, he had to be euthanized.Currently, Southern Heights Road is an unmarked county road--with around 10 to 12 residents--which allows for a 70 MPH (miles per hour) speed limit. The commissioners thus approved to place speed limit signs in the residential area with the lowered limit of 30 MPH.In addition, approval was given to obtain an insurance policy for inmates--who are sometimes sent out in work crews--with the Texas Association of Counties. This will be covered under an endorsement on the county's workers' compensation policy.The commissioners also approved the signing of a deed from property sold in a tax sale which included four entities. The property sold for $4,400 at a recent sheriff's sale; the signing is pursuant to 34.05 of the Texas Tax Code as requested by Perdue, Brandon, Feilder, Collins and Mott.Furthermore, the burn ban was approved to remain lifted for the next two weeks. The minutes of the May 29, 2012 meeting were additionally approved, along with the received reports from the Nolan County Auditor, Clerk and Treasurer.One item, however, was tabled--approval for the County Auditor to purchase a replacement laptop from Your Way Computers. The current computer has recently undergone extensive repairs, and the hope is to replace the computer before it crashes. The commissioners expressed a desire for more quotes to be sought on the replacement before taking action on the issue.