Stand Back Ryan! Or We’ll…

August 21, 2012

With Mitt Romney's recent selection of Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate, expect to see the left in general, and The Barack in particular, start trying to "shred" Representative Ryan. This will be old hat for the above group. Since Paul Ryan has long been a vocal opponent of the policies of The Barack, and a proponent of reforming some of the worst financial abuses of our federal government, the left has had him in their sights for a long time (as a conservative, I can use a gun reference). Don't forget, The Barack himself had Paul Ryan sit in the front row while he (Barack) gave a speech and talked about what a bad idea he thought Ryan's policies were. I guess it's possible that The Barack thought that was a "teaching moment" and he was the professor, but if he did, I'm pretty sure he's the only one who was thinking that.
Personally, I think the selection of Paul Ryan is a good move. While I sure do like the straight forward, take no prisoners, style of Allen West, Paul Ryan has extensive knowledge of federal spending, and a proven desire to "clean it up".
While I like Allen West, I don't think he was ever under serious consideration for the V.P. slot. I just thought it would be fun to watch the left try to play the race card against a decorated black army veteran. For those of you who don't think they would do that, please review how progressives treated Condoleezza Rice, a black, female, Secretary of State. One more thing, I’ve always had the impression that anybody who stood too close to Allen West while calling him names might find themselves being physically assaulted. Say, do you think we could arrange a press conference with Charles Schumer (extremely liberal Senator from New York) and Allen West at the same time? Who says politics can't be a spectator sport?
Oh well, if we can't watch West and Schumer go a quarter of a round (I don't think it would last longer than that), how about this: now Joe Biden is going to have to debate Paul Ryan. Representative Ryan has clearly demonstrated that he has a very good grasp of how the American Government operates, and unlike people on the left, how the American economy works. I can't wait to see what "Old Joe" has to say when he is supposed to verbally "defeat" Paul Ryan. I bet Joe Biden's political handlers are beating their heads on their desks this morning. Come to think of it though, they probably do that every time Joe speaks publicly anyway, so they should be accustomed to it by now.
Since the addition of Ryan to the Romney ticket does (for reasons the left can't, or won't, understand) make Romney a more attractive candidate for President, I'm sure Harry Reid is making something u..., I mean doing "research" on Paul Ryan right now. Since Reid has cited an unnamed source, who is backed up with zero documentation, to accuse Romney of not paying taxes, I'm curious what he is going to have to say about Ryan. Going by past history, I'm sure it will be "way out there", and additionally, totally unverifiable.
I would say that the response of the left, and The Obama camp, to the selection of Ryan as Mitt's running mate will be entirely predictable, and in past campaigns that probably would have been correct. But let's see, the Senate majority leader (Reid) has leveled baseless accusations of being a tax dodging criminal at Romney. Other leftists are running commercials implying that Romney caused the death (somewhat on purpose) of somebody's wife. I'm going to have to say there's no way I could have predicted any of that. Normally, the left stops somewhat short of openly claiming the Republican nominee is a criminal, who may also be guilty of something close to murder. Since even that low bar has clearly been passed, I'm not going to be able to foresee what they are going to say about Paul Ryan.
Even though there clearly isn't much in the way of limits on how far the left is willing to go regarding campaign rhetoric and commercials, there are still some things that are predictable. One thing that I can see coming, is the left (Obama) holding Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid as hostages.
Progressive/big government types hold government largess over our heads all of the time, but Paul Ryan has actually come up with some plans to try and save some of the large entitlement programs, such as Social Security. The way the left will play that is to accuse him of trying to do away with or "change" them. Never mind that without some kind of change these programs are going to cease to exist. The left is going to try to scare as many people as they can into believing that the right is conspiring to take food, medicine, and medical care away from well, pretty much everybody, and not only that, Paul Ryan is the guy the right put in charge of making that happen. Expect to hear a lot of references to Hitler, Nazis, Stalin, (I would also say chairman Mao, but he's actually a little bit of a hero on the left), fascism, and the devil himself.
The reason the left is so busy throwing out wild, baseless, accusations, and probably fabricating more of them as we speak, is because they must keep attention focused away from their own record. As I said above, they will certainly be holding government entitlement programs out as "hostages" in their bid for reelection. What they absolutely have to try to draw your attention away from, is that progressive policies (by politicians of both parties, past and present) have already effectively killed the hostages.
Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan may or may not be the people who can lead us while we fix some of these problems, but I would have to say that the group in power right now has demonstrated beyond a shadow of doubt that they are not up to the job of righting the ship of state. I personally think that Romney and Ryan are going to be a long step in the right direction, but even if they aren’t, I fail to see how they wouldn't be better than The Obama and Biden.

Bruce Kreitler is the author of Obamageddon (the Culmination of the Progressive Looting of America) and posts this and other articles at

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