State lifters place at Abilene

Three Sweetwater High School boys traveled Saturday to Abilene to compete in the state powerlifting championships, and all three placed in their respective Division II weight classes.Sam Nemir led the way as he placed sixth in the 181-pound class with a lift of 1,315 pounds in the three categories.Nemir, a senior at SHS who along with junior Ryan Linebaugh was making his second trip to state, had a 490-pound squat, 335-pound bench press and a 490-pound dead lift.Nemir moved up to the 181-pound class after he and Linebaugh both competed in the 165-pound class in 2011, where they finished 10th and 11th at state, respectively. Line-baugh (1,160 pounds) was also 11th at this year’s meet while staying in the 165-pound class. He had a 430-pound squat, 280-pound bench press and 450-pound dead lift.Senior Mateo Gonzales was eighth in the 242-pound weight class in his first state appearance.Gonzales lifted a total of 1,470 pounds at Abilene in the three categories including a 540-pound squat, 360-pound bench press and 570-pound dead lift. All three SHS lifters equalled or excee-ded their lift totals two weeks earlier when they competed at the regional meet in Sundown.