Street name to be changed to Coliseum Drive

On Tuesday, the Sweetwater City Commission approved making a change to the address of the Nolan County Coliseum during their regular monthly meeting.A request from the Nolan County Coliseum board was submitted to the commission to change a portion of 17th Street and Jack Hazard Drive (located within Newman Park), starting at FM 419 and ending at Cypress Street which passes by the front of the Coliseum, to “Coliseum Drive”.City Manager Eddie Brown expressed that it made sense to change the name, especially since there have been problems in the past with people finding the Coliseum. Google Maps currently lists the Coliseum address as 1699 Cypress.Also during the meeting, approval was given toward change order #1 for the Hunter Well Field Project. The change will increase the size of some piping due to relocation of drilling sites, as well as decrease the cost of well depths since drilling did not reach the estimated depths.The commission additionally approved the County Mutual Aid Agreement for Nolan County, which includes seven entities such as the city, county, the cities of Roscoe and Blackwell, and various volunteer fire departments.The agreement has been reviewed and must be signed by all parties. The agreement, now in compliance, allows for financial assistance to be given by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) should the need arise.Furthermore, approval was given toward a contract with CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Cathrine Wilks to perform the mid-year report as of March 31, as well as the audit for the fiscal year ending September 30 of this year. The city charter requires two audits per year, and Wilks has performed the services for the past few years. The audit for the fiscal year is also required by state law.Also approved during the meeting were the minutes from the February 11 meeting.