Students perform solos during recital

Piano and guitar students of Noreen Carson performed solos during the annual Spring Awards Recitals on Sunday, May 27 in the First Baptist sanctuary. Students were presented awards in recognition of their accomplishments throughout the 2011-2012 school year.Students receiving bronze medals for the Texas Music Teachers Association Theory Testing were Hayden Wehba, Kaitlyn Chance, Kyrsten Smith, Katie Pantoja and Kaylee Martin. Silver medalists were Isabella Alden and Kaitlyn Foster. Gold medalists were Reese Kiser, Sydni Jackson, Jade Pinkerton, Garrison Eaker, Hannah Vermillion and Natalie Barela.Twenty-five students were awarded certificates and pins for their participation in the National Piano Guild Auditions held at Hardin Simmons University in May. HSU is just one of the 870 music centers in America where over 118,000 piano students participate annually in this national piano-playing event sponsored by the National Guild of Piano Teachers, Teacher Division of The American College of Musicians. The following students performed State programs (seven memorized selections) before a judge: Sully Templeton, Ruger Duniven, Hayden Wehba, Isabella Petty, Allison Marlett, Kaitlyn Chance and Katie Pantoja. Students performing a National program (10 memorized selections) were Wyatt Foster, Hunter Heady, Trinity McGee, Bethanee Rodriguez, Angel Vaughn, Caleb Reed, Mickenzie Brownlow, Jade Pinkerton, Megan Kirkland, Kyrsten Smith, Michallah McKinney, Garrison Eaker, Isabella Alden, Devin Gutierrez and Hannah Vermillion. Three students, Reese Kiser, Sydni Jackson and Natalie Barela received awards for performing International programs (15 selections.) Hannah Vermillion was recognized with a five-year pin for having performed five National programs and Natalie Barela received a six-year pin for completing six National/International programs.Devin Gutierrez was recognized for his fourth year of Music Braille study. Ribbons were given to Hannah Vermillion, Natalie Barela and Caroline Lawrence for their participation in the Abilene Music Teachers Association’s annual Springer-Manly Music Festival. Six students — Isabella Alden, Natalie Barela, Kaitlyn Chance, Sydni Jackson, Kyrsten Smith and Hannah Vermillion — were recognized for their participation on the AMTA Piano Teams that will be performing in the AMTA Showcase Concert on June 11 at the Abilene Civic Center and at the TMTA State Convention the following weekend.“100% Club” MP Awards were presented to students in Carson’s Music Studio who had accomplished 100% of their Musicianship Phase goals consisting of mastering scales, chords, cadences and arpeggios at their learning levels. Students who received this award were piano students Wyatt Foster, Hunter Heady, Sully Templeton, Reese Kiser, Katie Reed, Trinity McGee, Bethanee Rodriguez, Jade Pinkerton, Caleb Reed, Zoe Cornett, Sydni Jackson, Garrison Eaker, Isabella Petty, Megan Kirkland, Allison Marlett, Kyrsten Smith, Hannah Vermillion, Jamee Rhoades, Natalie Barela and guitar students Dustin Gray and Taiden Smith.The Gold Star Award was presented by Mrs. Carson to students in recognition of the number of practice times accomplished throughout the year. In the Elementary Level (first through fourth grade) Bethanee Rodriguez, Hunter Heady, Jade Pinkerton and Hayden Wehba received certificates for having over 100 practice times recorded. Gold dollar awards were given to Reese Kiser-third place, Sydni Jackson-second place and Angel Vaughn and Kyrsten Smith, tied for first place. Gold Star Award certificates were given to Megan Kirkland, Katie Pantoja, Kevin Pantoja and Dustin Gray in the Intermediate/Advanced Level (fifth through 12th grade). Receiving third place honors was Mickenzie Brownlow, second place-Hannah Vermillion and first place-Natalie Barela.