Subject captured after hour-long manhunt

On Thursday morning, Feb. 27, 2014, at about 10:07 a.m., Deputy Duwon Sterling with the Nolan County Sheriff's Office responded to a call of someone burning trash or debris at 125 Loop 170, also known as Avenger Field Road inside the city limits of Sweetwater.A citizen had reported, to the Sweetwater Fire Department, that a subject was burning something near the shop building of an old abandoned wrecking yard on the south side of Loop 170, formerly known as K&M Wrecking. The Deputy arrived at the scene and made contact with a male subject who identified himself as Robert Harris. The subject seemed very evasive in his answers to Deputy Sterling and when questioned further, the subject fled on foot.Deputy Sterling gave chase and the suspect entered a brushy area on the north side of Loop 170. Deputy Sterling was injured in a fall while in pursuit of the suspect in the rugged terrain. Law enforcement officers from the Nolan County Sheriff’s Office, Sweetwater Police Department, Roscoe Police Department and the Texas Department of Public Safety surrounded the area and a man hunt began for the suspect that had eluded Deputy Sterling.Deputy Sterling was taken to Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital where he was treated for his injuries and later released. He is expected to make a full recovery.Sweetwater Police Officer Rob Hohman eventually located the suspect along the curtilage of the Sweetwater Municipal Airport (Avenger Field) and he was taken into custody at 11:06 a.m. Thursday, approximately one hour after the event started.The suspect was eventually identified as Roger Eugene Davidson, white male, age 37, of Loraine. It was determined that the suspect had given a false identity to Deputy Sterling as he (Davidson) was a fugitive from justice on an outstanding warrant from Mitchell County for Theft (metals), a state jail felony. It was later determined that Davidson was burning the insulation off of copper wiring and additional charges may be forthcoming after more investigation into where the wiring came from.Davidson was taken into custody and booked into the Nolan County Jail on the following charges:• Theft (metal) – State Jail Felony from Mitchell County,Failure to Identify (fugitive from justice) – Class A Misdemeanor;• Evading Arrest or Detention – Class A MisdemeanorAssault (public servant) – Third Degree Felony.Bonds have not been set as yet on the various charges. Davidson remains in the Nolan County Jail awaiting magistration.“Undoubtedly, the cooperation from the Sweetwater Police Department, Roscoe Police Department and Texas DPS allowed this fugitive felon to be quickly captured and taken off the street. I am constantly thankful of the collective effort put forth whenever we have one of these man hunts,” said Sheriff David Warren.