Sweetwater Feed to host Spring Fling

Even though the weather may not be proof, spring has definitely sprung, and a seasonal celebration for the whole family is coming up this weekend.Sweetwater Feed will be hosting their first annual "Spring Fling" Day on Saturday, April 2. It will begin at 8:00 a.m. and continue throughout the day until 2:00 p.m. at the Sweetwater Feed & Supply building, located at 907 West Broadway.Jeremy McCollom and Missy Mulkey are spearheading the event in conjunction with a pet adoption with the Sweetwater Animal Shelter. Tentatively, a litter of cocker mix puppies will be on hand for the adoption along with a slew of other canines.For those who take part in the pet adoption, an eight-pound bag of food will be given. Coupons for discounted food will also be given to those who adopt a pet.A Parvo virus shot will be sold on Saturday, which can stave off at least seven different canine diseases. For those that may be "squeamish", McCollum can administer the shot to the dogs for the owner. A rabies clinic, however, will not be available.However, the pet medication Frontline will be available along with sprays to combat the already-intense emergence of fleas, lice and ticks this season. These products can help dogs, cats and even yards in either controlling or eliminating the pests.Chicks, ducks and rabbits will also be available at the Spring Fling. While the dogs will only be available on Saturday, the chicks, ducks, and rabbits will be around until the Easter holiday.Activities will also be available for kids to enjoy at the function. Children will take part in decorating flower pots and planting seeds inside their colorful creations, as well as making bird feeders.Also on Saturday, a new product line will be unveiled, Fredricksburg Farms. The company makes candles and various barbecue accessories like spices, rubs, marinades and glazes. The barbecue items can be sampled and purchased, and the candles can be bought also, but will also be part of a huge group of giveaways."I was floored," said Mulkey about the generosity of the vendors. Jewelry, knives, candles, Fredricksburg Farm products and garden flags make up the long list of prizes to be given at the Spring Fling.But along with the giveaways, the event will also have refreshments. The morning will kick off with donuts and coffee, and starting around 11:00 a.m., hot dogs, chips and drinks will be served. The Spring Fling, while only in its first year, is already preparing for next year's gathering to make it bigger and better than what is currently planned. And not only are plans being drawn for the Spring Fling, but for the future of Sweetwater Feed as well. Starting this summer, a Farmers' Market will be located at the store site and by next year's Spring Fling, the two groups will partner for the event. Because of prior scheduling for this year, fish will also be available for the next Spring Fling.For the store, eventually, Mulkey shared that she hopes they can continue to do pet adoptions on a regular basis. She said that in comparison to the gloomy perception of animal shelters, holding pet adoptions at Sweetwater Feed might prove to be a more positive experience.Also in the works is for merchandise from the Saddle Shop to be on hand to purchase. Another new and exciting addition, products from Leaning Tree, will be available. For instance, Leaning Tree seed cards, in which the entire card can be planted, can be purchased, making for a great wedding or birthday gift.For now, Mulkey stresses that if something isn't in the store, she is more than willing to order something through a catalog. Also continuing are additions being made to the store, including continued improvements through remodeling and rebuilding.But the whole premise for holding the event, according to Mulkey, is due in part to rising costs and that she wanted the store to branch out. The Spring Fling is a unique way of bringing in business, while still keeping costs low and making things easy on everyone.She also strongly pushes the concept of buying local as often as possible--one reason of holding the Farmers' Market on location, and Mulkey deems it very important in supporting the community.This family-oriented event definitely has something for everyone, and even four-legged family members can take part in the fun on Saturday. Pets are invited to attend and can even be inside the store, but they must be on a leash.