Sweetwater LL teams wrapping up season at District 5 tournaments

Sweetwater Little League had a total of nine teams playing at single-elimination District 5 tournaments that got under way Saturday at Abilene, Clyde or Snyder with four age divisions.Sweetwater will be repre-sented by three teams each in Minor League (ages 9-10) and Major League (ages 11-12), plus two Junior League teams (ages 13-14) and one Senior League team (ages 15-16). All of the teams will be trying to reach the district championship games that will be played later this week to end the regular season, with all-star action still to come.Sweetwater’s Express (first place), Rockies (sec-ond place) and Astros (third place) are in the Minor League division. Saturday’s openers were held at Abilene Dixie and Clyde. The Rangers (first place), Astros (second) and Red Sox (third) are in the Major League division, while the Reds (first) and D’backs are the Junior League teams. The Senior League team’s name was unavailable at press time. Saturday’s Major League games were at Snyder or Abilene Wylie, while both of the Junior League teams were at Wylie. The Senior League team will play its first game at 6 p.m. Tues-day at Abilene North, where it will face the North No. 2 team.Abilene Dixie, Eastern, Northern and Southern, Wylie, Breckenridge, Clyde, Jim Ned, Merkel and Snyder also have Minor League and Major League teams, with Cisco also in Major League. Other Junior League teams come from Abilene Eastern, North, South and Wylie, plus Merkel and Snyder. The other Senior League teams are all from Abilene, with North and South each fielding two teams in the five-team tournament.