Sweetwater resident competes in Texas Shredder Classic

Stacy Robles, a resident of Sweetwater, recently competed in the NPC Texas Shredder Classic in Austin, Texas. The competition was held April 12 and included categories in bodybuilding, fitness, physique, figure and bikini. Robles competed in the Bikini Open category. "The judges critique every little detail: hair, make-up, shoes, bikini, muscle tone... they critique the total package," said Robles.After stumbling upon the Shredder Classic competition while searching bodybuilding.com for nutrition and fitness tips, she decided to enter. "I got involved with everything by accident," she said. "I was really just looking for ways to eat better and be healthier, but I decided to give the competition a shot. Around the end of October/beginning of November I started training for the competition in April. In that time frame I lost 14% of my body fat and went from 146 pounds down to 117." Over 400 people competed in various categories at the competition in April. "In the Bikini Open, the category I entered, there were 100 people," said Robles. "I didn't place, but it was still a great experience. I was worried about the spray tan process - having to be covered head to toe, not being able to touch anything or have anyone touch me, and whether it would look bad - but it turned out alright." When asked about future competitions Robles said, "I've been training to put on more muscle. I want to transform my body again. I've made it a goal to compete in November."Born in Colorado City, but raised in Sweetwater, Robles has been fitness oriented her whole life. "I played a lot of sports when I was younger — volleyball, softball, track — and I've always been into fitness," she said. "I was also in the Marine Corps for five years. I am ACE certified, TRX certified, CPR certified and Expert Training certified." Robles has been working as a trainer at Anytime Fitness for the past year and a half. "I am also working on getting my B.A. in Sports Science." Despite some health issues, Robles has never given up. "I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis and benign ovarian tumors while serving in the Marine Corps. The diagnosis resulted in several surgeries and a complete hysterectomy; and I'm still dealing with a few on-going health issues," she said. "Eating clean and training is helping to keep me healthy."Robles has inspired many people with her fitness transformation. "I was never on Facebook before I started my body transformation, but once I started a page, people from other states and even other countries started showing interest," she said. "I never thought telling my story would inspire people to get healthier. That's what is most amazing to me." Her future goals include starting her own competition/dieting consultation to help inspire and motivate people on their own journeys. Robles lives in Sweetwater with her long-term boyfriend Nick Boil. Her parents are Mattie and Danny Williams of Sweetwater. She is a sponsored athlete through Complete Nutrition as well as David and Karen Green, Family RV Center, Redneck Chic Boutique and Gifts and Susan Wallis. "My whole family has been really supportive, as well as my friends, coworkers and even random strangers," said Robles. "There was an inspiration wall at Anytime Fitness for a while before I went to compete and it was great. Hundreds of people on Facebook gave me their support and well wishes when I went off to Austin. All the positive feedback was very touching, so a big thank you to everyone."You can follow along with Robles' fitness journey and body transformation on her Facebook page.