THSCEF’s Our Day to Shine

Sweetwater High School and San Angelo Lakeview High School will be participating in a scrimmage this Thursday, with all proceeds being donated to the THSCEF (Texas High School Coaches Education Foundation) Benevolence Fund. This day has become known as "Our Day to Shine."The THSCEF Benevolence Fund was established by the Texas High School Coaches Association Board of Directors to assist athletes and coaches with special needs or hardships. To date, "Our Day to Shine" has involved over 800 schools and raised over $245,000 for the THSCEF Benevolence Fund. The Texas High School Coaches Education Foundation has paid over $196,000 to athletes and coaches with special needs.Scrimmage time will be 6:30 p.m. on August 22, with admission fee being donation only. The public is invited to attend.More about THSCEF and "Our Day to Shine"To participate in "Our Day to Shine", schools simply designate one of the scrimmages or spring games as "Our Day to Shine" day with gate receipts (less expenses) sent to the THSCEF Benevolence Fund. Both schools participating will be recognized in the October issue of Texas Coach. This program isn't limited to just football. We have had other sports participate using one of their scrimmages as their day to shine!Participating in "Our Day to Shine" gives our athletes, coaches and schools a great opportunity for community services as well as an opportunity to give to a worthy cause.We would like to make the first scrimmage of the football season a traditional "Our Day to Shine", but schools may choose the scrimmage in which they wish to participate, or even their spring game.The THSCEF Benevolence Fund will allow us as an association to help beyond our present permanent injury and memorial benefits policies that currently dictate what we can give to help student athletes with special needs and hardship cases. We encourage all schools to participate in this annual event.