Transmission Summit 2013 set for grid expansion region

Sweetwater will host more than 125 energy and infrastructure leaders from more than a dozen states around the USA on Wednesday and Thursday for the 5th annual Transmission Summit 2013 on the campus of Texas State Technical College West Texas. The 5th annual Transmission Summit is in the hub of Texas’ $9 billion grid expansion and the world’s largest concentration of wind energy generation. The event includes project updates, business networking and industry sponsor exhibits. The event is sponsored by the Texas Wind Energy Clearinghouse. Transmission Summit 2013 will feature leaders from virtually all of the new Texas transmission service providers, the Tres Amigas electricity market hub, national transmission companies and more. The seminars will cover project status, business structures, construction opportunities, development and marketing strategies, workforce development, homeland security considerations, weather risks and mitigation and additional topics. Summit participants will come from throughout Texas, as well as New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Virginia and Alabama. Roughly $9 billion in grid expansion is occurring across Texas, primarily through the Competitive Renewable Energy Zone (CREZ) initiative to connect West Texas wind energy to metro Texas markets, including five of the USA’s 16 most populated cities. The new high voltage lines are scheduled to be completed and energized in 2013, and several of the lines are in the Sweetwater vicinity. More information about the Transmission Summit can be found at The conference has been sold out each year since 2009. Limited spaces are available for on-site registration at this leadership networking event and registration is $300. For more information, call the Texas Wind Energy Clearinghouse at 325-236-9499.