Two pleas entered in District Court

Two people have recently pled guilty during 32nd Judicial District Court proceedings.Jamie Yeazel aka Jamie O'Connor pled guilty to tampering with government records, a state jail felony. Yeazel was sentenced to five years of community supervision and will have to pay a $750 fine, $343 in court costs, $500 in attorney's fees and $5,336 in restitution to Texas Health and Human Services. Yeazel will also have to serve 120 hours of community service.Ricky Anthony DeLaPaz pled guilty to burglary of a vehicle, the lesser included offense of engaging in organized criminal activity. The offense was classified as a Class A misdemeanor. For his plea, DeLaPaz received six months confinement in the Nolan County Jail. He will also have to pay a $2,000 fine, $343 in court costs and restitution in the amount of $6,565. He will receive 219 days credit towards hi sentence for time already served in jail. Restitution will go to the following: $2,695 to Victoria Alvarado, $1,000 to Joan Coldiron, $350 to Danny Camacho, $900 to Steven Gonterman of Dallas, $200 to George Guerra of Colorado City, $160 to Mayra Juarez, $250 to Justin McRea, $310 to Thomas Ramey, $600 to Marcus Silva and $100 to Angelina Soles.