Two SMS teams victorious

Here are the results from Sweetwater Middle School football games last week.Dublin 16, 7th grade Grey 0Tyler Sutton, Trace Ken-ney, Andrew Gerold, Kelly Gilbert and Nicholas Brow-ning were defensive stand-outs for Sweetwater, while the offensive standouts were Jackson Foster, Devin Perez, Carlos Mendoza, Cameron Lujan, Rian Hill, Jeremiah DeLeon, Jose Mermella and Troy Turner.“This was a great effort from our boys, both offen-sively and defensively,” said Sweetwater Middle School coordinator Tony Cortez. “We had a much better game this time around against Dublin. We came close to scoring twice after getting inside the 10 but not being able to punch it in. The kids showed improvement when it came to tackling and blocking. There were some good runs that kept certain offensive drives rolling. “All the players got a good amount of playing time and played hard when they had the opportunity.”Dublin ‘A’ 36, 7th grade White 0Jeremiah Martinez, Phil-lip Peyton, Logan Wedin, Eli Hendrix, Joshua Cama-cho and Bobby Posey were defensive standouts while Justen Gomez, Jaden Her-nandez, Jayden Taylor and Kobe McCann were offen-sive standouts against the Dublin ‘A’ team last Tuesday for Sweetwater.“This was a tough loss,” Cortez said. “We struggled in all aspects of the game in the first half. We missed many tackles that led to big gains and a couple of scores.”However, Cortez saw im-provement after that. “We really stepped it up in the second half, only allowing one score,” he said. “We played better offensively, rushing the ball and throwing the ball in the second half. There were a few big plays that got us inside the 5-yard line, but then turning the ball over. There were many good things that happened, but we must learn to finish the offensive drive and wrap up on the tackle. We will again continue to practice and work on the things that need improvement.”7th and 8th grade combined team 18, Wall (combined) 8Sweetwater’s combined team of seventh and eighth graders improved to 2-0 as Alexander Kittley scored on runs of 70 and 35 yards and Kurt Wetsel had a 5-yard TD run to pace the team’s win Thursday over Wall.Noah Martinez, Kade Kent and Mikwuan Jones were also offensive standouts, while defensive standouts for Sweetwater vs. Wall included Martinez (interception), Christopher Reed (interception), Jones (tackle for loss plus a quarterback sack), David Lujan (tackle for loss plus a quarterback sack), Jacob Camacho (tackle for loss plus a quarterback sack), Jesus DeLeon, Tanner Jackson, Kent, Kit-ley and Wetsel.“We came out playing real aggressive defense, really making some great defen-sive stops,” said Cortez. “Offensively, we got things rolling by establishing the running game and really setting the tone for the ball game. The kids did really great playing their keys on defense versus a multiple attack style offense. This was a great team effort and all the kids really played an important part in the win against Wall.”7th grade Red 26, Wall 0Sweetwater Red shut out Wall to improve to 2-0 for the young season.The defense posted its first shutout, while Andrew Medina had two 25-yard touchdown runs and Car-son Brownlow had a 1-yard touchdown run. The defense scored on Alex Gallegos’ 30-yard return after recovering a fumble caused by Landon Hartkopf. Gallegos also had a 2-point conversion run and interception for Sweetwater. Also contributing to the shutout were Isaac Pena (QB sack), Kage Presson (two fumble recoveries), Brownlow, Antonio Padilla, Taiden Smith and Nicolas Figueroa. Also, Smith caught a 30-yard pass from Brownlow while Josiah Crain and David Ehlert were both standouts on the offensive line.“Another great performance from these guys,” Cortez said. “This group got after it with some serious hitting going on. “This aggressive type of football is very exciting to watch. These kids were just throw-ing their bodies around and flying to the ball. We did a great job establishing the running game and that led to more open pass routes. The receivers had some great catches and runs after the catch. This group will get after it and continue to look for ways to improve.”Wall 34, 8th grade Red 20Sweetwater (1-1) put 20 points on Wall’s defense in the second quarter, but was unable to score again.Chris Thompson had a hand in three scores — first a 60-yard TD run, followed by a 70-yard touchdown pass to Kobe Clark and finally a 70-yard TD reception from Kiante McCoy. Thompson also tossed a 2-point pass to Clark. Taylor Turney, Jake Bur-ton, Steven Limones and Ky Hoover were also offensive standouts while the defensive standouts included McCoy, Daniel Avila, Isak Alvarez, Mason Maxwell and Chris Jackson. This group suffered its first loss in 10 games dating to 2012, Cortez said. “We started the game off very sluggish and not coming off the ball and being the aggressor. Our offensive line was very slow to the punch and their defensive line was disrupting our backfield. We also had three special teams mistakes on the punt team that led to Wall having a short field to work with. We felt really good about our chances to come back and win the ball game. The defense stepped it up not allowing any points in the second half. The offense struggled in the second half, but did have opportunities to score. This was a humbling experience for the boys, but I know we will come out with a renewed hunger and drive and play better the next time we step on the field from beginning to end.”