Update: Sweetwater 2020 meeting rescheduled to next week

Update: The next Sweetwater 2020 meeting will be next Tuesday, April 15 (rescheduled from tonight due to schedule conflicts at the Nolan County Coliseum Annex, auditorium etc. The April 15 meeting will be at the classrooms at Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital (enter through the admissions area near the Emergency Room) from 6-8 pm.Mayor Wortham recently opened the first Sweetwater 2020 meeting by defining the group as an umbrella group of all organizations and individuals who can come together to improve Sweetwater. He then introduced various public servants and elected officials present. The mayor reminded attendees that on May 10, voters would vote on a variety of issues/positions, including hospital bond, two city commissioners, and the school board.As the event continued, groups around the room stated their name, affiliation and why they attended the meeting. The group was comprised of interested citizens, private business owners, city employees, elected officials, leaders in other Sweetwater organizations and candidates for public office.Attendees shared a variety of information and ideas including projects around town, new businesses and industries settling in and around Sweetwater and even history of buildings and organizations in Sweetwater. Also discussed were needs for the youth of Sweetwater. Much discussion centered around the need for organized activities and recreational spaces for the youth of Sweetwater. Attendees of the meeting were encouraged to brainstorm and share areas of Sweetwater in need of improvement.Future Sweetwater 2020 forums will continue the discussion on youth activities, as well as focus on other issues of concern to Sweetwater residents, such as neighborhood crime prevention, economic opportunities and other quality of life topics. Each forum will feature open discussion with residents, official presentations from Sweetwater institutions and ideas for citizen action to address the issues.All Sweetwater 2020 forums are free and open to the public. The next scheduled Sweetwater 2020 forum will be Tuesday evening, April 8, from 6-8 p.m. at the Nolan County Coliseum Annex in Newman Park.