Videos Appear to Show Adkins Smoking Pot, Posing with Knives

Two internet videos uncovered by users of the "Find Hailey Dunn" and "Help Find Hailey Dunn" Facebook pages appear to show the boyfriend of Hailey Dunn's mother using illegal drugs, cursing, and posing with knives.Adkins is believed to be the last person to see the 13-year-old alive before she vanished from the small town of Colorado City on December 27, 2010.One video links back to someone claiming to be a relative of Adkins. It appears the original copy of the second video has been removed by the poster.In the first video, Adkins is shown lighting a pipe in the back of a boat. After taking a few puffs, Adkins warns children not to use drugs. He then proceeds to act like he's driving the boat in an empty field. At one point, he quickly turns to the camera and say, "I'm alive" while laughing. Adkins then proceeds to "play" the boat oar like a guitar and violin.The second video features images and scrolling text put to music. It's unclear who produced the video that prominently features images of Adkins.The pictures in the video show Adkins smoking and preparing drugs. The video also includes images of someone believed to be Adkins wearing a costume and posing with knives. The scrolling text includes messages like "I'll destroy" and two comments directed toward Muslims. Click the link to watch the videos at bigcountryhomepage.com