Volunteers make a difference at Sweetwater Healthcare Center

Three ladies are making a difference every Thursday at Sweetwater Healthcare Center. Marie Leach, Irene Ludlum and Barbara Keeney host Bingo day every Thursday afternoon for residents of the nursing home, providing an activity for those wishing to join the group.Leach and Ludlum have been hosting the games since the early 90s, beginning when both of their mothers were residents at the facility. "The people just enjoy it so much," said Ludlum. "They are always glad to see us and that makes us feel great," added Leach. Keeney has been volunteering her time at the Bingo activities for about five months now, starting when her neighbor, Leach invited her to join them after her retirement from the County-City Library.Leach stated that they very much enjoy hosting Bingo at Sweetwater Healthcare Center. She pointed out that they call the numbers slowly and make sure to say it twice before saying each number such as two, three, for 23.The ladies walk around and assist residents in making sure they don't miss their numbers and their Bingos, as Sweetwater Healthcare provided quarters as prizes for making a Bingo. They also have several residents that attend the Bingo sessions that are visually impaired and need extra help during the games. On the last Thursday of the month, extra volunteers are brought in and the ladies make sure that everyone wins.