The Daily Press Sweetwater Reporter | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2014-08-26T17:03:25-04:00 music series coming to Sweetwater2014-08-26T17:03:25-04:002014-08-26T11:43:24-04:00Copyright 2010 Sweetwater ReporterSweetwater, TXNo author availableAPPLAUSE music series coming to SweetwaterSweetwater citizens, business nominations being taken until Friday2014-08-26T15:02:08-04:002014-08-26T11:41:53-04:00Copyright 2010 Sweetwater ReporterThe Outstanding Young Citizen award shall go to the person (male or female) who is between the ages of 21 and 40 during the year for which the award is given. This person, who in the opinion of the committee, shall have contributed to the welfare and advancement of Sweetwater through community activity and who has demonstrated a high degree of ability in his/her chosen occupation. Consideration should also be given to those who have been actively involved in their church.The Outstanding Female Citizen and Outstanding Male Citizen awards shall go to persons who are 41 years or older in the year the award is given. These persons, who in the opinion of the committee, shall have contributed to the welfare and advancement of Sweetwater through community activity, and who have demonstrated a high degree of ability in his/her chosen occupation. Consideration should also be given to those who have been actively involved in their church.The Business of the Year recipient will be selected by a special committee representing past award winners, the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, and the Chamber membership at large. Business of the Year nominees must be a current Sweetwater Chamber of Commerce member in good standing, have been in business in Sweetwater at least six months and cannot have won the previous year.All nominations must be signed to receive consideration. Forms can be picked up at the Chamber of Commerce. Submit your nomination form along with additional information on the nominee to:Sweetwater Chamber of CommerceOutstanding Nomination CommitteeP.O. Box 1148Sweetwater, Texas 79556Sweetwater, TXNo author availableOutstanding citizens, business nominations being taken until FridaySweetwater leaves burn ban in place, mulls financial decisions2014-08-26T11:39:49-04:002014-08-26T11:39:49-04:00Copyright 2010 Sweetwater ReporterMore precipitation is needed, said members of the commission at Monday's meeting, before the panel can consider repealing the ban. The issue will be revisited at the group's next regular session. A request was made by Precinct 2 Commissioner Terry Locklar to purchase a 90-inch contour/packer roller for road construction.According to Locklar, purchasing the equipment would eventually save the county time and money by increasing effectiveness. The funds, Locklar said, would be coming from surplus monies in the Precinct 2 budget.One commissioner, Tony Lara of Precinct 4, questioned the need for the purchase, then cast the only dissenting vote.A request by Precinct 1 Commissioner Terry Willman to purchase a new John Deere mowing tractor at a cost of $42,479.93 was unanimously approved. Willman said the current equipment used by the precinct is aging and repair costs to keep it viable have risen.The commission voted to add contents coverage insurance to a storage barn used by Precinct 4 for a negligible monthly rate hike of $2-$3. At present, there is no coverage on equipment stored within the facility.A vote to approve the proposed tax rate of 48 cents per $100 valuation was set for Sept. 8. The proposal would leave the current tax rate unchanged from the previous fiscal year. Sweetwater, TXBrian McCormackCommission leaves burn ban in place, mulls financial decisionsSweetwater transport made in wreck2014-08-26T11:38:32-04:002014-08-26T11:38:32-04:00Copyright 2010 Sweetwater ReporterSweetwater, TXNo author availableOne transport made in wreckSweetwater weather for Tuesday2014-08-26T09:17:39-04:002014-08-26T09:17:39-04:00Copyright 2010 Sweetwater ReporterExpect partly cloudy conditions tonight, with a low around 74 and east-southeast winds at 5 to 10 mph.Sweetwater, TXNo author availableLocal weather for TuesdaySweetwater day of school for SISD2014-08-25T11:46:20-04:002014-08-25T11:46:20-04:00Copyright 2010 Sweetwater ReporterShown is Tonya Casto’s first grade class putting up their backpacks before class.Find more photos on Page 1 of Monday's edition.Sweetwater, TXNo author availableFirst day of school for SISDSweetwater Wilks named President of Texas Lions Camp2014-08-25T11:45:11-04:002014-08-25T11:45:11-04:00Copyright 2010 Sweetwater ReporterTexas Lions Camp is a non-profit camping facility located in Kerrville that provides week long camping experiences for children with physical disabilities, Type 1 diabetes, cancer and Down syndrome at no cost to them and their families. The camp’s mission is to improve self-esteem and invite children with special medical conditions to step into their calling. In the 65 year history of TLC, over 67,000 children have been afforded the opportunity to improve their self-esteem and hear the camp’s message of “Can Do.” Jim Wilks was born in Abilene and later graduated from Trent High School. He went on to earn his undergraduate degree from Abilene Christian College and ultimately graduated with a law degree from the University of Houston Law School. He has been married to Marjorie Wilks for 57 years and has raised two children, a daughter Debra, director of the Special Education Program in Fredericksburg and a son, Lewis, who is the Managing Director of Public Finance for U.S. Capital Advisors in Houston. Lion Wilks is also quick to take credit for three fabulous grandchildren as well. Jim Wilks has built his life around service of others. From being a boy scout as a child, to working as a cookware salesman and building houses while attending college. He served in many groups during his academic years including serving as the president of the Sub-T fraternal organization at Abilene Christian College and as a member of Phi Delta Phi, the Order of Barons and as associate editor of the Law Review while at Law School in Houston. He has also served in his church in many capacities including elder, teacher and song leader. He served on the Board of Trustees of the Sweetwater Independent School District, including a term as president. He served on the Texas Association of School Boards and as president of the Sweetwater Chamber of Commerce. He also has served with many charitable organizations including Disability Resources, the ACU Foundation and as a local representative of the West Texas Rehab Center. Lion Wilks joined the Sweetwater Lions Club where he has served in every possible capacity on the local, regional, district and state level. He also served internationally as Parliamentarian at the 2007 International Convention in Chicago, Illinois. "Jim Wilks is a man of deep conviction and considerable character,” said Stephen S. Mabry, Chief Executive Officer of Texas Lions Camp. “It has been my privilege to observe and serve alongside of Mr. Wilks as he has served Texas Lions Camp faithfully over the past five years in various other capacities and we are profoundly fortunate to have the benefit of his leadership,” Mabry said.Currently, he dedicates his service to the Executive Committee of the Texas Lions Camp where he now serves as President of the Board of Directors. Lion Wilks is committed to giving his time and labor to the Texas Lions Camp, and travel where necessary to promote its work, image and finances. When asked how he views the upcoming year and his part as President, Lion Wilks replied, “I want to influence the Camp to be its best.” He went on to state that when he thinks of Texas Lions Camp he is reminded that: one camper called the camp “Heaven on Earth.” He says, “The Texas Lions Camp is a place where kids, who are faced with tremendous obstacles, can go and experience the best week of their lives.” His decision to serve on the Executive Committee of Texas Lions Camp came through careful thought and observation. He states that “being President of TLC is the pinnacle of my career as a Texas Lion. I admire those that have served as President before me.” Lion Wilks’ family has been very supportive of his service throughout the years, but especially now as Texas Lions Camp President. His wife, Marjorie, is happy and supportive of his leadership at the camp. She knows that there will be more time and effort committed to the camp during this year, but is looking forward to her husband’s term. Ironically, Lion Wilks’ daughter, Debra, also has a history with Texas Lions Camp. She credits her service as a counselor at TLC some 25 years ago and the experience she garnered working hands-on with children that have special medical needs as the turning point for deciding to enter into the Special Education field as her vocation.Sweetwater, TXNo author availableJim Wilks named President of Texas Lions CampSweetwater forecast for Monday2014-08-25T08:49:15-04:002014-08-25T08:49:15-04:00Copyright 2010 Sweetwater ReporterExpect mostly clear skies tonight, with a low around 74 and south-southeast winds at 5 to 15 mph.Sweetwater, TXNo author availableLocal forecast for MondaySweetwater Captains donate school supplies2014-08-23T20:54:00-04:002014-08-22T19:18:14-04:00Copyright 2010 Sweetwater ReporterSweetwater, TXTatiana RodriguezCommunity Captains donate school suppliesSweetwater Beware: School is back in session2014-08-24T08:17:27-04:002014-08-22T19:15:59-04:00Copyright 2010 Sweetwater ReporterWith that in mind, Sweetwater Police Chief Brian Frieda has a warning for motorists: "driver's beware.""We've new kids coming into to Southeast (Elementary), we've got parents who will be delivering kids to Southeast for the first time," Frieda said. "There's a lot of one-ways hidden around various schools. You have to remember, school zones that are not on the state highway system do not have flashing yellow lights."Those that are on the city streets are 20 miles per hour," Frieda continued. "All day, every day, seven days a week. It's a city ordinance. The first couple days of school, we'll probably pretty lenient. We'll stop (speeders) and talk with them about it."Frieda said the leniency may not be shown around the middle school on Lamar Street. With road construction still ongoing, navigating around the school could be difficult. Frieda urged drivers to be particularly careful around the middle school.Cell phone usage — whether talking and texting — is prohibited by law. Violators can be slapped with a fine of $250."You can not be engaged with your cell phone," Frieda said, but noted that certain hands-free devices are acceptable.Beyond traffic safety, Frieda said other simple measures can go a long way toward keeping children safe from human harm."A lot of people have forgot about Stranger Danger," Frieda explained. "We know the parents are wanting to buy their kids nice and neat clothes, but we strongly suggest: do not tag your children."By tagging, Frieda means visibly marking clothing and accessories with a child's name, which can make it easier for a potential predator to identify a victim."Do not give them clothes that have their name on the back, or on their belts," Frieda said. "If you're going to put names on backpacks and things like that for theft purposes, find an interior pocket, use a Sharpie, lock up their property — don't take your kids with their names."The thing is, when it comes to child abduction, when you call a kid by their name, that is a very important thing to each of us — that someone knows who we are. Those who try to abduct children call themby their name to try to engage them. It gets them in the door, if you will. You don't want to put their name out there."Calls for suspicious people and vehicles hanging around schools aren't frequent in Sweetwater, according to Frieda, but it does happen. Oftentimes, he said, by the time the patrol officer responds to thelocation, the person or vehicle is gone, enhancing the importance of prevention."While cases of bullying persist throughout the U.S., Frieda said Sweetwater is not immune. He stressed the importance of promptly reporting cases of bullying to teachers, parents or law enforcement.If a student feels he or she is a victim of bullying, patrol officers are usually not too far away.Sweetwater, TXBrian McCormackDrivers Beware: School is back in sessionSweetwater