2011 state track and field schedule

At Mike A. Myers StadiumUniversity of Texas-Austin(Nolan County athletesare in parentheses)TODAYField Events9 a.m. — Girls: 3A Long Jump; 1A Pole Vault; Boys: 3A Discus; 3A Long Jump; 1A Pole Vault10 a.m. — Boys: 3A High Jump10:30 a.m. — Girls: 3A Discus; 4A Long Jump; Boys: 4A Long JumpNoon — Girls: 4A Discus; 1A Long Jump; 3A Pole Vault; Boys: 1A Long Jump; 3A Pole Vault12:10 p.m. — Girls: 3A High Jump1:30 p.m. — Girls: 2A Long Jump; Boys: 4A Discus; 2A Long Jump2 p.m. — Boys: 4A High Jump3 p.m. — Girls: 1A Discus; 4A Pole Vault; 3A Triple Jump; Boys: 3A Triple Jump4 p.m. — Girls: 4A High Jump; Boys: 3A Shot Put4:30 p.m. — Girls: 4A Triple Jump; Boys: 1A Discus (Caden Smith, Roscoe); 4A Triple Jump5 p.m. — Girls: 3A Shot Put6 p.m. — Girls: 1A High Jump (Callie Sandusky, Highland); 4A Shot Put; Boys: 4A Pole Vault7 p.m. — Girls: 2A Triple Jump; Boys: 4A Shot Put; 2A Triple Jump8 p.m. — Boys: 1A High JumpTrack Events — 3200-Meter Run8 a.m. — Girls 3A8:20 a.m. — Boys 3A8:40 a.m. — Girls 4A9 a.m. — Boys 4A9:20 a.m. — Girls 1A9:40 a.m. — Boys 1A10 a.m. — Girls 2A10:20 a.m. — Boys 2A3A & 4A Track Events (Schools will compete in the order 3A, 4A)6 p.m. — Girls 400-meter relay6:10 p.m. — Boys 400-meter relay6:20 p.m. — Girls 800-meter run6:30 p.m. — Boys 800-meter run6:45 p.m. — Girls 100-meter high hurdles (Jayci Shelton, Sweetwater)6:55 p.m. — Boys 110-meter high hurdles7:05 p.m. — Girls 100-meter dash7:15 p.m. — Boys 100-meter dash7:25 p.m. — Girls 800-meter relay7:35 p.m. — Boys 800-meter relay7:45 p.m. — Girls 400-meter dash7:55 p.m. — Boys 400-meter dash8:05 p.m. — Girls 300-meter low hurdles (Jayci Shelton, Sweetwater)8:15 p.m. — Boys 300-meter intermediate hurdles8:25 p.m. — Girls 200-meter dash8:35 p.m. — Boys 200-meter dash8:45 p.m. — Girls 1600-meter run8:55 p.m. — Boys 1600-meter run9:05 p.m. — Girls 1600-meter relay9:15 p.m. — Boys 1600-meter relaySATURDAYField Events9 a.m. — Girls: 2A Pole Vault; Boys: 2A Discus10 a.m. — Girls: 1A Shot Put; 1A Triple Jump; Boys: 2A High Jump; 1A Triple Jump10:30 a.m. — Girls: 2A Discus11 a.m. — Boys: 1A Shot Put (Caden Smith, Roscoe)11:30 a.m. — Girls: 5A Long Jump; Boys: 5A Long JumpNoon — Girls: 2A High Jump; Boys: 2A Pole Vault1 p.m. — Girls: 2A Shot Put2 p.m. — Boys: 2A Shot Put2:30 p.m. — Girls: 5A Discus3 p.m. — Girls: 5A Pole Vault4 p.m. — Girls: 5A Triple Jump; Boys: 5A Discus; 5A Triple Jump5 p.m. — Girls: 5A High Jump6 p.m. — Boys: 5A Pole Vault; 5A Shot Put7 p.m. — Girls: 5A Shot Put; Boys: 5A High JumpTrack Events —3200-Meter Run8 a.m. — Girls 5A8:20 a.m. — Boys 5A1A & 2A Track Events (Schools will compete in the order 1A, 2A)Noon — Girls 400-meter relay12:10 p.m. — Boys 400-meter relay12:20 p.m. — Girls 800-meter run12:30 p.m. — Boys 400-meter run12:45 p.m. — Girls 100-meter high hurdles12:55 p.m. — Boys 110-meter high hurdles1:05 p.m. — Girls 100-meter dash1:15 p.m. — Boys 100-meter dash1:25 p.m. — Girls 800-meter relay1:35 p.m. — Boys 800-meter relay1:45 p.m. — Girls 400-meter dash1:55 p.m. — Boys 400-meter dash2:05 p.m. — Girls 300-meter low hurdles2:15 p.m. — Boys 300-meter intermediate hurdles2:25 p.m. — Girls 200-meter dash2:35 p.m. — Boys 200-meter dash2:45 p.m. — Girls 1600-meter run2:55 p.m. — Boys 1600-meter run3:05 p.m. — Girls 1600-meter relay3:15 p.m. — Boys 1600-meter relay5A Track Events 6 p.m. — Girls 400-meter relay6:05 p.m. — Boys 400-meter relay6:10 p.m. — Girls 800-meter run6:15 p.m. — Boys 800-meter run6:25 p.m. — Girls 100-meter high hurdles6:30 p.m. — Boys 110-meter high hurdles6:35 p.m. — Girls 100-meter dash6:40 p.m. — Boys 100-meter dash6:45 p.m. — Girls 800-meter relay6:50 p.m. — Boys 800-meter relay6:55 p.m. — Girls 400-meter dash7 p.m. — Boys 400-meter dash7:10 p.m. — Girls 300-meter low hurdles7:15 p.m. — Boys 300-meter intermediate hurdles7:25 p.m. — Girls 200-meter dash7:30 p.m. — Boys 200-meter dash7:35 p.m. — Girls 1600-meter run7:45 p.m. — Boys 1600-meter run7:55 p.m. — Girls 1600-meter relay8:05 p.m. — Boys 1600-meter relay