2014 budget discussed at hospital board meeting

During the meeting of the Nolan County Hospital District board of directors on Monday night at Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital (RPMH), the 2014 Capital Budget was reviewed and approved.The board's finance committee held a previous meeting, in which they went through the budget line by line. At Monday's meeting, the board was informed while the items have been requested, it does not mean that all of them will be purchased.Additionally, any significant item will be presented to the board for approval before any purchase is made. Also looking ahead to the next fiscal year, the board was given a tentative planning calendar for public hearings to determine the next year's tax rate.Several action items were also presented during the meeting such as the June 2013 financial statements, which were approved. A brief review was given to the board, due to the fact that a detailed report was given during the previous finance committee meeting.Furthermore, the June 2013 accounts payable and payroll were approved, along with the bad debt write-off list from the past month. Approval was also given on the analysis reports from the quarterly Reserve Fund and the quarterly Physical Therapy Fund, following a short review of the reports.At the previous joint conference committee, the group reviewed the credentialing files, CNS criteria and qualifications, and the quality report. The three issues were then presented to the board for approval, which was received for all three items.In addition, the minutes for the previous meeting and the Board Retreat meeting held on June 19 were approved as well.During her Admin-istrator's Report, Donna Boatright stated that the five matters presented at the strategic planning meeting are being worked on, as information is currently being collected. She gave an update on a recent meeting with county officials, which was cited as a good meeting.Boatright also informed the board on some information she received in regards to dialysis programs. In Texas, 45 entities are still awaiting state certification, which is a process that can run anywhere from 18 to 24 months due to a lack of workers.In previous months, the hospital has expressed possible interest in establishing a dialysis program. However, Boatright wanted the board to be aware of any future timelines, should the hospital move forward.Furthermore, a couple of nominees were presented to fill the seat in District 1 where the late Carlos Alvarado served. After a brief discussion, it was decided that the possible candidate will be invited to attend next month's meeting.