2019 Class of Future Sweetwater students graduate

Pictured above in no particular order are Future Sweetwater 2019 Graduates Jacqueline Arellano, Heather Caballero, Kyla Daniel, Brendan Delgado, Krystian Gomez, Jeremy Le, Ana Lynch, Alyson Moore, Gabriella Pena, Andrew Ramey, Harlie Sanders, Blake Scott, Rachel Sparks, Samantha Torres, Mia Valdez, and Jazzy Villa. Not pictured is Marlee Hicks.

The 2019 Class of Future Sweetwater students graduated on Tuesday, May 14. The graduation and banquet event was held at TSTC in Sweetwater, sponsored by the Sweetwater Nolan County Chamber of Commerce. These students are sophomore students at Sweetwater High School. Throughout the school year the Future Sweetwater experienced 7 sessions that included Nolan County United Way, Quality of Life in Sweetwater, Education, Health at the Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital, Economy, and ended with a trip to the State Capitol.