Abilene girl makes history, first female to receive Cub Scout honor

Staff Writer

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) - For decades it’s been an organization and rank that was only given to boys.
“It’s something my sister always wanted to do but she never got the opportunity to,” said Buffalo Mountain District Executive Director Jaime Limas.
Limas in Cub Scouts as a kid, now taking a front row seat to a moment in history.
“For a young woman to be the first in our council to do that to cross over into Scouts BSA is huge because there’s never going to be another first,” said Limas.
Limas is talking about Zoe Rominger who just last year was in Girl Scouts before taking a chance on change, switching into Cub Scouts.
“Girl scouts was different in a good way. we would usually do crafts and arts and crafts but when you’re here they treat you like just like they do the boys,” said Rominger.
Sunday all her hard work paid off, Rominger earned her Arrow of Light award, the first female to do, stepping over into what was formerly Boy Scouts.
“It’s just giving them the same chances,” said Limas.
A chance now for Zoe to earn her Eagle Scout Award, an opportunity never given to girls, until now.
“The rank alone holds so much merit, you know college applications don’t ask if they were in Scouts, they ask if they are in the rank of Eagle,” said Limas.
Rominger says she hopes her success will inspire others to do the same.
“I really hope this inspires them to earn their arrow of light like me and they can join our troop and then we’ll be all together then,” said Rominger.