Abilenians Against Tenaska, Multi-County Coalition donate to Gaylord’s Pantry

Abilene and Sweetwater residents united to gather several hundred dollars of non-perishable food items as part of their annual giving to the communities where they live. Multi-County Coalition representative Whitney Root asked members to make donations over the course of about a week and a half resulting in 10 boxes crammed with food delivered to the Gaylord's Pantry of Sweetwater's First United Methodist Church on Monday, Dec. 20. The members of Abilenians Against Tenaska and the Multi-County Coalition normally do their giving as individuals, but this year they wanted to come together as a group to make their donations. They are farmers, ranchers, teachers, nurses and other citizens who want their community to remain clean and healthy. Both organizations hope to make community donations an ongoing endeavor. The Multi-County Coalition and Abilenians Against Tenaska have been working together to prevent construction of the proposed Tenaska coal plant just outside Sweetwater.