ACU students react after lurker arrested in women's dorm

A man with a history of peeping on women in private places was arrested after being found lurking in a women's dorm at Abilene Christian University.It happened at ACU's Gardner Hall over the weekend. Campus police arrested 40-year-old Jeremy Jacques on a charge of criminal trespass. Some of the dorm's residents say they had no idea a strange man was able to make it inside the building."It's kind of scary to know that people can come into your dorm without even knowing," said ACU freshman Linsey Thut. "The police were there, so I knew they were taking care of it. It was definitely strange," said freshman Katy Escott.ACU police say they're glad they were able to catch Jacques before anything happened."All the right things are being done and the fact that we caught the guy, we feel it had a positive ending," said ACU police chief Jimmy Ellison said.Chief Ellison says the incident happened Saturday night. Several witnesses who live in the dorm notice Jacques walking around the building. An officer patrolling the area was able to catch him as he crawled out of a bathroom window."College campus are safe, but they aren't immune from crime," Ellison said.This isn't Jacques' first offense. The Sweetwater resident was arrested several months ago for similar offenses in which he was found peering over the stalls in women's restrooms at two south Abilene restaurants. Chief Ellison says Jacques is connected to other crimes."We are working with the Sweetwater Police Department. We recovered some property off the individual that we believe is going to be connected to some thefts and burglaries in the Sweetwater area," Ellison said.ACU police say they believe Jacques is the man seen walking around the same dorm earlier in February. No arrests were made at that time. Chief Ellison says the university has stepped up security around Gardner Hall, because they want to prevent something like this from happening again. "It could have happened at any other dorm nearby. Just the fact that they caught the guy is reassuring," said ACU student Christina Wise.