Adopt a Mustang or Lady Mustang

Mustang Moms have initiated a new program called "Adopt-A-Mustang." The program is designed to let students from kindergarten through sixth grade "adopt" either a varsity football player or a varsity volleyball player. Students have the chance to adopt a varsity football player or varsity volleyball player on Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2011 after Meet the Mustangs, which starts at 8:30 p.m. Registration will be held immediately after Meet the Mustangs at the bowl and costs $25. The fee will go towards t-shirts with the player's name and number on the back and buttons with the player's picture for each child. It's first come-first served, so get their early! Senior varsity players will be selected from first, then juniors, sophomores and freshmen, respectively. Students will select their desired player, complete a registration form and take a picture with their player. Payment will be due at registration.The students and their adopted Mustangs or Lady Mustangs will exchange lists of their favorite television shows, movies, games, food, etc., so that they can give each other appropriate treats and presents. Students will also be at football and volley games wearing their adoptees t-shirt and button to show their support. For the first football game against Vernon on Aug. 26, students who have adopted a Mustang will be introduced prior to the start of the game and will form a victory line for players to run through. Mustang Moms are hoping to have the students who adopt Lady Mustangs make an appearance before the first game as well.Mustang Moms want to make this an annual tradition, so come show your support for the Big Red and Adopt-A-Mustang!Proceeds from this program will also go toward yard signs for varsity sports, metallic streamers that are hung up around town and along the highway, the painting of athlete's driveways and the purchase of water, food, etc that is used by all sports departments. Last year, the Mustang Moms were able to raise enough money to purchase the Stadium Horn. Within the next year, they hope to contribute towards the purchase of a new tunnel for the players to run through before games.