Annual HR report presented at hospital board meeting

The 2012 Annual Human Resources report for Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital (RPMH) was presented during the Nolan County Hospital District's board meeting on Monday night.The report was given by Gay Nell Cherry, the Director of Human Resources for the hospital. While the report follows the format from the previous year, some changes were made in the last year in order to make scoring more accurate in the evaluation process. As a result, the user-friendly tool now offers a true performance evaluation in determining scores.Because of the changes, department managers were retrained prior to the assessments, which has proven beneficial not only to the department heads but allows employees to know how to improve their performance.Three reports were given: patient care providers, non-patient care providers and turnover statistics from 2012. While all of the reports were broken down by department, the first two documents cite a four-point scale ranging from an "excellent" rating (a score of 4 or higher) to "unacceptable."For evaluations on patient-care providers, 173 employees were evaluated within seventeen departments. Due to the changes from last year's report, the "excellent" category saw a 12% decrease.However, the second-highest category, "commendable," had the highest percentage at 54%. The "acceptable" category, which ranges from 2.00 to 2.99, grew by half from last year's total.The next report was an evaluation of non-patient care providers consisting of 12 departments and 80 employees being evaluated. Not much change was seen from the previous year, as the "excellent" category was down by 3%, the "commendable" category was up by 1% from the prior year, and a 2% increase was noted in the "acceptable" category.In the 2012 turnover statistics, seventeen departments underwent some changes. However, the overall total stayed the same from last year's total of 16%; the state total is around 19%.One of the items discussed among the board was nurse recruitment, which has been a concern over the past year. The local history of nurse growth trends was talked about--which peaks and slopes on different occasions, but the hospital continues to find different ways to reach out to high school students within the county who are considering a career in healthcare.Also noted to the board were the hospital's volunteers, in which April 21 through 27 has been proclaimed as National Volunteer Week. Fifteen volunteers currently serve on campus in a variety of ways, and the hospital is looking toward expanding the gift shop in the immediate future.