Another scam hits Sweetwater

Another scam has hit the Sweetwater community in the form of donation jars being placed at several local businesses. According to Detective Melinda Moncada with the Sweetwater Police Department, several businesses were displaying large donation jars at their counters to benefit "The United Cause." According to writing on the jar, donations assist several causes including Make a Wish Foundation, United Cerebral Palsy, Driscoll Children's Hospital, Houston Children's Charity, Children's Shelter, Any Baby Can, Brandon Webb's Foundation, Candle Lighters of El Paso, Scripps Health Foundation, Catholic Charities and many more. The jar also encouraged donations "to help children with disabilities and their families," and stated that the bucket can only be picked up by a person with a United Causes ID badge.Detective Moncada states that "The United Cause" is not registered at the Texas Comptroller's Office. "This donation jar is not legit and we encourage those businesses that have the donation jars to take them off of display."One business owner stated that the jar was picked up from her store full of money by a Hispanic male wearing a shirt with an ID badge for The United Cause. Another empty jar was left in its place, but she thought he seemed suspicious and took the jar off of the counter.Those businesses that already have money in their United Cause jars can donate the funds locally to the West Texas Children's Advocacy Center.