Are you somebody?

We were all waiting to deplane as word came back that the passenger ramp was blocked by a large press group. They were waiting for someone on our plane!Everyone, including myself, began to look around for someone famous or important. Maybe a few lookalikes but no one for sure, probably someone from the first class section. As the line began to move, I was glad to be near the front section so that just maybe I would be off the plane in time to see the special person.We had been in Austin two years, had left friends and already had one job change. Life was a bit hard and lonely so the excitement on the plane would be a welcome diversion. I looked forward to having this to share at home."There he is!" "There he is!" The press people were pointing towards the passenger ramp near my area.We were all excited and quickly looked around for the target of all the attention. Camera crews ran for position, a sizable group of autograph seekers, then microphones were thrust out and a press official said, "Mr. Weaver, welcome to Austin."The people looked and pointed, all surprised but none more than me. I tried to make sense out of this, the reporters all asking questions, cameras rolling plus the passengers trying to observe and deplane at the same time. This was obviously a mistake but I would have a story to tell at home!Suddenly! I know that man! The most aggressive of the reporters was a guy from our new church and one of the microphone people was his son! Some of the other reporters were familiar. They were aggressive, serious and seemingly professional. They were also persistent!I began to enjoy the game and cooperated with the interview. The other passengers paused, looked and asked me, "Are you somebody?""YES!" I am somebody and this event proved it. These new friends had somehow decided to do a rather involved prank with me as the guest of honor. The "interview" continued for several minutes with many of the passengers remaining to watch. They decided I must be somebody. I agreed.Named Writer of the Year in 2005, Ted Weaver is also an accomplished public speaker, educator and auctioneer. Mr. Weaver held positions as the Manager of the Chamber of Commerce and Mayor Pro-Tem in Sweetwater, Texas. Contact Ted Weaver at or by phone at 719-964-5268.