Area schools participate in BEST Robotics competition

The Big Country BEST Robotics competition took place Saturday Texas State Technical College West Texas in Sweetwater. This year’s theme was "Gatekeeper" and 13 area teams participated including included ATEMS, Ballinger ISD, Colorado Middle School, Comanche High School, Gustine High School, Highland High School, Jim Ned High School, Potter's Hand Christian School, Rising Star High School, Robert Lee High School, Roscoe Collegiate High School, Sweetwater High School and Sweetwater Middle School.The winners are:BEST award:1st-Roscoe Collegiate2nd-Sweetwater High School3rd-ATEMSRobotics competition:1st-Sweetwater High School 2nd-Highland High School3rd-Roscoe Collegiate4th-Potter’s Hand Best T-shirt design:1st-Robert Lee2nd-Rising Star High School3rd-ATEMSWeb design winners: 1st-Roscoe Collegiate2nd-Colorado City Middle School3rd-Sweetwater High SchoolEngineering notebook:1st-Roscoe Collegiate2nd-ATEMS3rd-Sweetwater High School4th-Colorado City Middle SchoolMarketing presentation winners:1st-ATEMS2nd-Sweetwater High School3rd-Roscoe CollegiateTeam exhibit and interview winner:1st-Colorado City Middle School 2nd-Robert Lee High School3rd-Roscoe CollegiateSpirit and sportsmanship:1st-Sweetwater Middle School2nd-Roscoe Collegiate 3rd-ATEMSTop gun award winner: Potter’s Hand Christian SchoolMost Creative (Founder’s Award):Roscoe CollegiateMost Robust Robot:Roscoe CollegiateCoach of the year: Beverly Adams, Colorado City Middle SchoolComanche High School and Robert Lee High School both received Honorable MentionHighest scoring new team:Potter’s Hand Christian SchoolMVP Designations:ATEMS - Daniel SimmonsBallenger - Serena BurnsColorado MS - Robert QuniozComanche - Chloe ColeGustine - Donavon MoorHighland - Michael HydeJim Ned - Sebastian SnyderPHCS - Joshua BrumleyRising Star - Lyaneese BrubakerRobert Lee - Donavan ThomasRoscoe Collegiate - Austin WillmanSweetwater HS - Alex VanderpoolSweetwater MS - Santana Zapata