Arrest made in sexual assault case

An arrest has been made in the male-on-male sexual assault case that took place on Aug. 15, 2010 around the southwest part of Sweetwater. Aubrey Phillip Childers, 23, of Sweetwater, was arrested on Monday, Dec. 27, as he was being processed out of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.According to Lt. Randy Hanes with the Sweetwater Police Department, DNA evidence was obtained at the scene of the crime and evidence was gathered for a warrant to obtain DNA from the suspect. A DNA sample was taken from Childers after he was arrested for a parole violation. The DNA was then sent to the Lubbock Department of Public Safety Laboratory for testing. "We sent the DNA sample to the lab by the end of August and asked the lab to expedite the evidence and received the results in just a few weeks," said Detective Sam Cunningham with the Sweetwater Police Department, the lead detective in the case."The suspect was identified through interviews with numerous witnesses," said Det. Cunningham. "There was alot of sensationalism with this case and many rumors going around town about the incident that were not true. It was really a simple situation and the person responsible is now incarcerated," he added.Sexual assault is classified as a second degree felony and Childers can face from 2-20 years in prison and a fine up to $10,000. He will be given an opportunity to make a plea or stand trial.