Barack Obama: Master of Misdirection

Whoopsi, who says The Barack isn’t the master of misdirection? Here we were spending our time obsessing over his statement (which truly deserves a lot of attention) that the private sector was doing fine, and slam dunk! the dream act is enacted by executive order. Isn’t The Barack such an innovator? The heck with legislative process, oversight by elected representatives, and all of that time wasting public debate and voting. The Barack just whips out the old ink pen and presto, chango, the political/social landscape is changed however he wants it.I would like to say I was surprised by the latest example of Presidential fiat, but the fact is this is just more of business as usual for The Barack. A President who has regular meetings where he decides who he plans to have killed isn’t going to find signing an executive order contravening the wishes of congress to be much of a stretch.Maybe the way this works is mornings are set aside for light work, such as executive orders which go against everything the American people want. Then after a little exercise (or abuse) of the Presidential powers, maybe it’s time for a meeting with Eric Holder to see how the Justice Department is going to suborn the American legal system this time. I figure after a workout like that, it will then be time for a basketball or golf game. After some relaxing sports: time out: I have to wonder, if The Obama misses a putt, is that somehow George W. Bush’s fault?Anyway, where were we? Oh yeah, I figure after an afternoon with some relaxing sports (I really wonder about the scorekeeping) The Barack is ready to meet with whoever it is he meets with to give them the latest assassination orders. I know this must be tough for him, because according to the White House press releases, The Barack took a long time deciding whether or not to have Osama Bin Laden killed. While The Barack and his surrogates often point out what a hard, courageous decision he made when he decided to have Bin Laden killed, I frankly don’t see where that one should have had much of a level of difficulty. How is it, I wonder, that deciding to have the single worst enemy the United States has bumped off, is a harder decision than having Al Awlaki and a missile occupy his car at the same time (which The Obama also took credit for)?Getting back to what The Obama has just done with his executive order on immigration. For those of you who don’t think he’s a very clever, gifted political manipulator, let’s give this a little closer examination than the main stream media is going to give it.Okay, first of all, one of the conditions of this backdoor amnesty is that the people in question have broken no laws. Just to clear that up, if they hadn’t broken any laws, they would be called legal immigrants, legal residents, or citizens, not, illegal aliens. Just the fact that they are here means they have indeed broken some laws. I guess what The Barack means by that part is: no laws that he personally cares about. Gosh, since his administration won’t stop voter intimidation (by the new black panthers), won’t enforce existing immigration laws (if a state such as Arizona tries to enforce those laws, the federal government, under The Obama takes them to court), sells guns to Mexican drug cartels thus participating in murder (fast and furious), gets court orders against states which are trying to stop voter fraud (Texas, Florida), I’m not sure exactly what laws The Barack does care about.Another apparent condition of the executive order is that the receivers of this “stay in the United States Free” card must be under thirty years of age. To tell the truth, I’m not really sure what the public appeal of the age limit is supposed to be. I do however have to wonder if there is some polling data somewhere that says support for Obama drops in hispanics over thirty years of age. If that polling data does exist, it must not be very definite, because if it was, we would suddenly be seeing the mass deportation of older hispanics. Then again, we have several months yet before the election, and I’m sure there’s plenty of ink left in the old executive order pen. Say, if The Obama values people under thirty more than the ones over thirty, isn’t that some kind of age discrimination?So let’s see, the people Obama says he’s talking about theoretically will be young (if you define young as under thirty), have come to the U.S. as children (who, pray tell gets to decide what age that means?), and might be either in the military or school. Hey, do you think maybe Joe Biden will add that they also need to be “articulate and clean” as he said about Obama during the last campaign?Doesn’t all of that have a nice ring to it? After all, who could really be against a group of young, law abiding people which is also heavily weighted to military personnel and students? This is where the master stroke of The Obama’s political manipulation comes in. These “rules” will be administrated by federal bureaucrats. So let’s see, some bureaucrat, somewhere, is going to have to decide whether or not to deport, or “catch and release” an illegal according to a pretty vague set of conditions. Keep in mind that deportation probably means a lot of paperwork and hassle, whereas just letting them go will probably be a lot less work. Not only that, but the administration has made it’s feelings about deporting illegals, or enforcing existing (probably not for long if The Obama gets his way) immigration law very clear. So what we will have is a bunch of federal bureaucrats having to decide between letting people go, or doing extra work and bucking the system. Hmmm, I wonder how that scenario is going to work out.What The Obama has done here is convince the American public (he doesn’t have to convince most of the press, they are already on his side) that as much as they (the public) may not like this, it only concerns eight hundred thousand barely illegal immigrants. That’s what he’s pushing, and it looks like most people are buying it. However; what he has really done is throw the (back) door open for a quasi amnesty for nearly every illegal alien already here, or who can get here in the near future.Bruce Kreitler is the author of Obamageddon (the Culmination of the Progressive Looting of America) and posts this and other articles at