Be Alert-Phone Scam in Our Area


The Sweetwater Fire Department has informed the Sweetwater Reporter that there is a scam going around town and the Department wants everyone to be aware of the con.
The scam consists of someone calling a potential victim and saying that they are representing The Sweetwater Fire Department and are requesting donations.
Over the past couple of days, several area businesses have been contacted by this scam artist and these businesses have alerted the SWFD.
It is important to remember that the Sweetwater Fire Department will never ask for donations over the phone or in any other capacity. During times of need, people can donate freely whatever they wish to the SWFD but as a rule, the Department does not ask for anything in return but to serve Sweetwater.
“We do not know who these people are that are calling. We do not want the great people of Sweetwater to be taken advantage of.” Fire Chief Grant Madden said.