Bid awarded for bulk water station

During the Sweetwater City Commission on Tuesday morning at City Hall, a bid was awarded for the construction of a bulk water station which will be located at the Highland High Service Pump Station.City engineer John Voller reviewed the two bids received by the city, but recommended the bid from Purcell Contracting Limited in Meridian, Texas. Their project totaled $312,000 and had a completion date of 150 days from the start date. Although both bids were in compliance, the selected company's price came within the range hoped for by city staff. However, two bids were rejected for a used dump truck for the Solid Waste Disposal Department. With a budgeted price of $75,000, one bid came in significantly over the cost while the other bid did not meet the city's specifications.As a result, city manager Eddie Brown stated that a new route will have to be taken to obtain a truck. However, he added that there is difficulty in finding bids on used vehicles.In addition, approval was given to allow city staff to purchase one 26 to 30 horsepower John Deere tractor mower for the Source of Supply Department through the Texas Buy Board. No local vendors are available, and by obtaining the state's low bid the purchase can be done in an efficient manner.Furthermore, city staff was also authorized by the commission to go out for bids for three trucks: a 3/4-ton pickup with four-wheel drive for the Source of Supply Department, a 112-ton pickup with an extended cab for the Wastewater Treatment, and a 3/4-ton pickup with a utility bed for Central Garage and Stores.Approval was also given to allow city staff to dispose of a variety of surplus assets through a public auction. The annual auction--which could be held as early as May 4--would include used property such as old police cars, city sedans, an ambulance with a new motor, and other various items.