Bid awarded for Coliseum roof

A bid was awarded for the construction of the Nolan County Coliseum roof during Monday's meeting of the Nolan County Commissioners.Three bids were presented at the previous meeting held on August 12 and since that time were reviewed. At the meeting, a representative from one of the companies who submitted a bid, CMG Construction, was in attendance and discussed the construction process.There was also some dialogue on making some changes to the contract, as well as a start date for the construction. Work could begin anywhere in the first half of October and would be a 30 to 45 day project, permitting weather.The company also stated that they would work with Coliseum personnel on a work schedule as to not affect events planned at the facility. Thus, the bid was awarded to CMG Construction--totaling $230,000, and was approved.Also during the meeting, the second public hearing was held on the proposed property tax rate for 2013-2014. However, no public input was heard and approval was given to set September 9 as the date to vote on the property tax rate for the upcoming fiscal year.A couple appointments were also approved at the meeting. Judge David Hall will now serve Nolan, Fisher and Mitchell counties in a multi-county court at law position, while Domingo Castillo was appointed to the Nolan County Central Appraisal District Board.Additionally, two agreements were approved, one of which was between the county and Digital Air Control, Inc--the company in charge of the air conditioning. The other agreement was between Nolan County and West Texas Centers.Furthermore, the commissioners approved to leave the burn ban in Nolan County off until the next meeting date, following the recent rains that fell throughout the area. The minutes from the August 12 and 19 meetings were approved, while the reports from the Nolan County Auditor, Tax Office, Treasurer, Veteran's Service Officer and the Government Trapper were received as well.