Bids to be obtained, presented at city meeting

At the March meeting of the Sweetwater City Commission meeting, several bids were discussed on items that are necessary for city operations.Bids were opened and considered on AC10 asphalt and grade 4 crushed rock, which will be used in the 2013 street seal coating projects. Three companies submitted bids, which were reviewed by city staff prior to any action being taken.After the evaluation, approval was given to accept the low bids for the asphalt and crushed rock. They were from Alon's Big Spring branch at $2.55/gallon for the asphalt and Vulcan Materials of Abilene for the crushed rock at $32.66 per ton.In addition, the commissioners approved authorizing city staff to purchase a 2013 Tahoe for the Sweetwater Police Department (SPD) through the low bid from the state's Buy Board. At a recent accident, in which SPD was on the scene, a police truck was hit and totaled. The purchase is being done through the Buy Board because no local or area bidders are available. The Tahoe is being selected due to the fact that their build and available spacing are beneficial to the SPD.Furthermore, approval was given to authorize city staff to obtain bids for a dump truck for use in the landfill. Because brand-new trucks are very high in cost, the bids will be for used, 15 yard to 16 yard trucks made no later than 2007. The city currently has around $75,000 available to make the purchase, and state bidding laws require that bids must be sought.Also during the meeting, city staff was given approval to go out for bids for the construction of a bulk water sales station at the Highland Pump Station site. Work plans are currently taking place with Enprotec/Hibbs and Todd and are near completion.