Bids discussed at city meeting

Several bids were opened during Tuesday's Sweetwater City Commission meeting at City Hall, including bids for five lots on two different blocks in the Southside Addition.The bids for these lots were originally presented at the May meeting, but were rejected. On Tuesday, the unsolicited bids from C.D. Trimble Properties, LLC for lots 6, 9, 10 and 11 of Block 20 and lot 23 on Block 16 were for $2,000 and $500, respectively. However, Precinct 1 City Commissioner Larry May asked if the method of obtaining these bids could be made public, in which he was informed that the city would have to conduct research on the matter. A decision was then made to reject the bids, which was approved.As a result, a representative with the company--who had submitted the bids for the lots--spoke during the public input portion of the meeting. He stated that the properties were seized back in 1955, resulting in them being off the tax rolls for about 60 years.The company's plan was to obtain the lots in order to develop them and bring them back onto the tax rolls. The adjacent lots have already been obtained through the local school district, and he felt the bids he submitted for the five lots were sufficient.The representative noted that he plans on bidding on the properties again, and asked the commission to vote in favor of his bids next time so that the lots can be placed back on the tax rolls. As of 2010, he said that the lots were exempt and totaled about $40.However, Sweetwater Mayor Greg Wortham stated that they wanted to get more information about the area, including the current values of the lots. A map that highlighted the area was then shown to the commissioners, which was located near Ross Street and Roberts Street in Sweetwater.Also during the meeting, bids were opened for the purchase of five surplus real properties owned by the city. A minimum bid was set for the properties, which were the latest certified values from the Nolan County Appraisal District (NCAD).Four out of the five advertised properties received bids. One bid was received from Matthew McQueen for the three properties of 1407, 1409 and 1411 West Colorado at the cost of $340 each.The cost met the minimum bid, thus they were approved. However, Precinct 4 City Commissioner Dr. Jerod Peek was the only opposing vote.In addition, the property of 1510 Southwest Georgia--which was valued at $2,340--received two bids. SDD Financial, LLC offered a $3,500 bid, while Gil Cherry with Family RV made a $3,501 bid.The commissioners opted to award the bid to the highest bidder, which was approved. The final property, located on 114 Tom Green, received no bids.Furthermore, the commissioners approved for city staff to go out on bids for a generator for the police department, as the current generator has proven to be underpowered.The plan is to use available grant funds from the COG (Council of Governments), which total around $25,000. However, a replacement generator costs about $90,000.The new generator would need to be in place at the existing police station to serve as a back up to the electric supply as well as the 911 system. According to Sweetwater Police Chief Brian Frieda, once the generator is replaced, the current model could be used as a mobile unit.