Bids presented for construction of new SNAP building

The Sweetwater City Commission began looking at bids toward the construction of the new SNAP (Senior Nutrition Activities Program) building at their meeting on Tuesday, December 11 at City Hall.Seven bids were received on the project, with the companies hailing from Sweetwater, Abilene, Lubbock, Big Spring and Waco. A brief summary of the cost along with the deductions for other work were read aloud.After the bids were presented, city engineer John Voller from Enprotec/Hibbs and Todd reviewed the bids as the meeting continued. Several of the contractors who were in the gallery met with Voller during this time.Voller then came back to the commission and presented his findings, recommending that the city go with the low bid which was presented by Coe Construction of Sweetwater. Their bid came in at $366,000, with deductions of $48,000--thus totaling $318,000--and $100,000 for a total of $218,000.However, Voller went on to state that discussions should be held with the local company in order to ensure both sides were on the same page before approving the bid. Thus, the item was tabled by the commission and is tentatively scheduled to be brought back to the January 2013 agenda for consideration.The other agenda item was for the commission to consider alternatives to the construction of the new SNAP building. Following an in-house review, Sweetwater City Manager Eddie Brown stated that possible improvements could take place at the existing building, in which he outlined a number of projects.The maximum amount to be spent on the repairs, however, would total $25,000. Brown recommended that following the presentation of the proposals on the construction and the tabling of the bids, this item should be set aside as well and be brought back on the January agenda. Thus, the construction alternatives for the SNAP building were tabled. Brown noted that the bids have a sixty-day response time, in which the January meeting would fall into that time frame.