Blood donations being taken Thursday

Meek Blood Center will bring two bloodmobiles to Sweetwater on Thursday, June 2. A bloodmobile will be parked at the Nolan County Courthouse and the other will be parked in front of the Lions Club building on Lamar Street. The bloodmobiles come to Sweetwater every eight weeks, which is how often whole blood can be donated. Donors who give blood every eight weeks help prevent blood shortages. The demand for blood continues to grow, and Meek Blood Center must collect a minimum of sixty pints of blood daily to make blood transfusions possible at seventeen area hospitals, including Rolling Plains Hospital.Each pint of blood saves two lives, because each unit is split into red blood cells and plasma. The shelf life of red blood cells is 42 days. Plasma can be frozen for up to one year. There are many different medical conditions that require blood or plasma transfusions. This includes cancer patients, dialysis patients, accident or trauma victims, surgical patients, premature babies and those with chronic anemia. All of these patients depend on volunteer donors to supply them with lifesaving blood products.Donors must be at least 17 years old (age 16 with signed parental consent), weigh a minimum of 120 pounds and in general good health. All donors must present a photo ID. Those who have eligibility questions may call 325-670-2798 or visit