Blotters for February 15-18, 2013

The Sweetwater Police Department (SPD) received 150 calls for service, issued nine citations and made 10 arrests from Feb. 15-18, 2013. The SPD received 60, 911 calls.Accidents:• 1700 block of Lamar.Calls for service:• Indecency with a child by contact — 1000 block of Silas.• Duty on striking unattended vehicle — 500 block of E Alabama.• Criminal mischief — Coral Cove.Arrested by SPD:• Cory Martin, 35 — Driving while intoxicated, third or more.• Juan Leanos, 22 — City warrants.• Decoreyon Thomas, 21 — Possession of marijuana.• Paisley Shafer, 21 — City warrants.• Jason Anderton, 19 — Driving while license invalid.• Gary Taylor, 50 — Public intoxication.• Daniel Garcia, 28 — Driving while intoxicated.• Robert Wiedemann, 21 — Driving while license invalid.• Meagan Spradlin, 31 — Public intoxication.• Fernando Ramirez, 23 — Warrants.The Sweetwater Fire Department responded to nine ambulance calls and five fire calls over the past 48 hours.• Six ambulance calls in the city of Sweetwater.• Three fire calls in the city of Sweetwater.• Two ambulance calls in the city of Roscoe.• One fire call in the city of Roscoe.• One ambulance call in Nolan County.• One fire call in Nolan County.