Bones found in Sweetwater

Authorities Monday confirmed the discovery of remains found in the back yard of a home in Sweetwater. The bones were found by a homeowner who was tearing up the floor to replace it with a new one. Josh Valdez was helping his father last week when they discovered bones. He says when they found one they dug around and looked for others. He said that his mother took the bones to the school to show the school nurse, who then told her to contact the police. "We did find remains; they are older, and we are waiting to determine if they will be sent to Texas Tech for analysis," said to Lieutenant Randy Hanes of the Sweetwater Police Department. "At this time, we have no additional information."Research has told the family that the shed was built in the 1920s and during the depression two families lived in the shed. The owners say they believe the floor they were tearing up was part of the original structure. Sweetwater police say they do not know how old the bones are or if they are even human bones or not.Police still have the bones and may send them off next week for testing.The discovery comes just over a week after human remains were found in Scurry County. Authorities are still awaiting test results to identify those remains.Speculation continues as to whether or not those remains belong to missing west Texas cheerleader Hailey Dunn.