Book Review: HOLLYWOOD on STAGE A Critical Review, By Ron Irwin

Staff Writer

Review By Elizabeth Kerrigan
Hooray for Hollywood! That screwey, booey, Hollywood and if you think that you could be an actor see Mr. Factor, he'd make a monkey look good, Hooray for Hollywood! Music by Richard A. Whiting, lyrics by Johnny Mercer for the 1937 film, Hollywood Hotel.
It's showtime folks! Hollywood on Stage, A Critical Review, knows no bounds in its pages filled with reviews of plays, films and many other theatrical goings on in and around that "Booey, Hooey, Hollywood" and environs.
Hollywood on Stage walks us through the author's life and his brushes with the great and near-great in the film industry and political life as well. This is a book filled with anecdotes and is a go-to bible not only for actors but anyone interested in the theatrical arts or involved in "the business." Irwin, always interested in film and theatre, was brought full circle when at the age of nine his daughter Kari declared, "Daddy, I'm going to be an actress." Her dreams have come true. She has enjoyed success in her acting career. Some of her work is mentioned here in Hollywood on Stage. Kari is heading off to USC with an eye on a law degree. With her looks, brains and charm she'll no doubt be Homing Coming Queen as well. You heard it here first.
One of the features of Hollywood on Stage are not only the reviews and the names and addresses of the theatres but plenty of information on getting in to the business, as well. It's a great introduction for those wanting to get a glimpse into Hollywood and showbiz.
A great Christmas gift, Hooray for Hollywood, A Critical Review by Ron Irwin is available at and www,