Burn ban continues for the county

The Nolan County Commissioners' Court met for its regular meeting on Monday morning, July 25, 2011 at the Nolan County Courthouse. Though two commissioners were away — Terry Willman of Precinct 1 in New York City and Precinct 3 Commissioner Tommy White in the Dominican Republic, several matters were still deliberated on by the other half of the group (Precincts 2 and 4 Commissioners Terry Locklar and Tony Lara, respectively).Two presentations were made during the meeting, one by Honeywell, Inc. on maintenance of heating and cooling equipment for the Courthouse and for the costs of replacing of an emergency generator and chiller unit. Two representatives from Honeywell's Lubbock office were on hand to make the presentation.Honeywell has already looked at the facilities, praising not only the upkeep of the building but the friendliness of the county as well. Offering a comprehensive maintenance plan to the county, the steps of the process were described to the commissioners which include a detailed study and even searches for grants by Honeywell to offset costs. Should the county take action, the process would eventually lead to a proposal and contract signing. However, the plan offered by Honeywell contains a wide variety of services such as fire and electrical, among other assistance, though action on those issues are not required.With only half of the commissioners present, no action was taken on the matter in order to offer information and literature on the project to the absent commissioners for further insight.The other presentation was by Scott Lambert with SISD (Sweetwater Independent School District) on an interlocal agreement between the district and county to seal coat the parking lots at SHS (Sweetwater High School).SISD will pay and provide the materials for the project which is expected to only last one day. In order to stay in conjunction with the county's seal coating project, the work at SHS is slated to take place this week. An agreement was drafted in which both entities agreed and was approved during the meeting.Approval was also given to advertise for bids on a couple of items. One was for a water truck for Precinct 3, while the other was for bids for oil lease for several acres on two pieces of property in the county, namely in Blackwell.And as the dry conditions continue, the burn ban was approved to remain in effect for the next two weeks.The minutes of the July 11 meeting were approved and reports were received from the Nolan County Sheriff's Office and Treasurer, as well as the Government Trapper.