Burn ban reinstated, ESS contract approved by Commissioner’s Court

Lead Staff Reporter

The Nolan County Commissioner’s Court was held on October 9 at 9:00 a.m., in the County Courthouse in Sweetwater.
The Commissioner’s Court passed a motion for the burn ban to be reinstated. In Texas, local governments are empowered to take action on the behalf of those they serve. When drought conditions exist, a burn ban can be put in place by a county judge or county commissioners court prohibiting or restricting outdoor burning for public safety.
The minutes from September 25 and 29 meetings were approved as written with no changes made.
On the agenda was the action item to open and receive bids for electrical work and make any appropriate motions. This was deemed premature as bids for any electrical work had to be undertaken. The project is still in the bid for proposals stage. The motion was carried that the electrical work should go out for proposals.
The Commission then considered the purchase new printer from YourWay for County Judge’s office. The ink for the old printer is too expensive, so a quote for a new printer has been requested. The ink is only $75, rather than the $450 it would cost to currently restock the ink. The motion was carried to get a new Brother printer from YourWay.
The Commission then considered the approval of contract with Election Systems & Software, LLC. The current machine is over six years old. A quote has been submitted for the replacement. EES is loaning the County a machine at no cost. The money would come out of the record management fund. The County needs to sign the contract with Election Systems and Software. The motion was carried to approve the contract.
The motion was carried to approve the bond for Whitley May.
The Court then received reports from the department heads, such as the Nolan County Sheriff’s Office for collected and dispersed funds, the Nolan County Clerk’s Office, the Tax Office, the Nolan County Welfare Office, the Auditor’s Report and the Treasurer’s Report.
With that, the Court went to pay claims and line item adjustments as requested by the County Auditor.
The Nolan County Commissioner’s Court reserves the right to enter closed session on any of the above under the authority of 551.074, Texas Government Code. The Court chose not enter into closed session.